What we do

Our aim is to collaboratively archive the world's built environment.

OpenBuildings was founded by architects and architecture fanatics who became increasingly frustrated by the lack of online resources for learning about architecture and finding companies to work with. Until now this has been a difficult and fragmented experience, with no single destination offering a complete resource. OpenBuildings disrupts the construction industry by empowering architects, interior designers, contractors, engineers and other professionals to showcase their projects online; this visual directory simplifies searching for and discovering companies to work with and celebrates their work which ultimately leads to better opportunities to find new business.
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Who we are

OpenBuildings is a project built by an international team with Offices in London, UK and Sofia, Bulgaria. Introducing:

Adel Zakout

Adel Zakout

CEO & CO-Founder
Tom Mallroy

Tom Mallory

COO & CO-Founder

Our amazing team

  • Lachezar, Co-Founder

  • Denis, Interaction Designer

  • Ivan, CTO

  • Jeff, iPhone

  • Radil, Developer

  • Dobri, Developer

  • Emil, Developer

  • Joana, Senior Editor

  • Kiril, Editor

  • Katerina, Editor

Work with us

We are always interested to hear from people who want to work with us:

  • Partnerships

    We work with national associations of architecture, heritage associations, architectural events, data companies, publishers and many more. Please feel free to get in touch.
  • Jobs

    We are always looking for talented people to join our development and editorial teams. Please send CV's here.
  • Internships

    We offer year round internships from 2-4 months; these are remotely based and can be carried out from anywhere around the world. Please send CV's here.

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