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  • Rotch Scholar Christopher Karlson publishes yearlong research on European performing arts-based architecture

    about 11 hours ago from

    After Christopher Karlson won the coveted Rotch Travelling Scholarship in 2011, he was required to document his research as images, drawings, and text to be submitted as a compilation report to the Rotch Trustees. Now, that report is finally available to the public as a print-on-demand book.

    The 363-page document shows Karlson's yearlong journey to 35 European performance arts landmarks as an exploration of commercialized culture in the 'post-Bilbao' period (1997 to the present).

    More details on Karlson's research right below:

    "Research Brief: A total of 35 examples of performing-arts-based architecture - spanning almost 240 years of civic metamorphosis - was observed in 28 autonomous cities using Europe’s crowded and competitive urban network as a point of reference and comparative analysis."

    "The intention is to investigate the results of such completed projects that all encounter distinctive urban scales, cultural settings, and political footing - with focus on engagement in urban re...

  • Álvaro Siza donates his architectural archives to institutions in Portugal and Canada

    about 13 hours ago from

    Portuguese architect Álvaro Siza this week announced to donate his architectural archive to public architectural institutions in Portugal and Canada. The decision was motivated by Siza's desire of fostering discussion and dialogue in a research-oriented context.

    One part of the archive will be donated to the Canadian Centre for Architecture (CCA) in Montreal, and the other part will be given to two Portuguese institutions, the Fundação Gulbenkian in Lisbon and the Fundação de Serralves in Porto.

    “The CCA is thrilled to accept this generous donation," remarked CCA Director Mirko Zardini. "I have known Álvaro Siza and followed his work closely for several decades. His architecture escapes easy classification, but always offers a lesson – a new way of seeing the world around us. His buildings have a distinct character and particular relationship to their urban or natural settings, always born from the desire to participate in the world. Siza’s drawings and sketches reflect his ability to...

  • Vandals break into the historic New York State Pavilion and set fire to a stolen van, damaging the 50-year-old terrazzo map

    about 13 hours ago from

    Vandals broke into the historic New York State Pavilion last weekend, setting a stolen van on fire and damaging a piece of its deteriorating terrazzo map, park watchdogs said. The shocking mayhem in Flushing Meadows-Corona Park was heartbreaking for volunteers who have been working for years to spruce up the aging 1964 World’s Fair relic.

  • Islamic State jihadis destroy ancient mosque in Mosul

    about 13 hours ago from

    The mosque was built on an archaeological site dating back to 8th century BC and is said to be the burial place of the prophet, who in stories from both the Bible and Qur’an is swallowed by a whale. It was renovated in the 1990s under Iraq’s late dictator Saddam Hussein and until the recent militant blitz that engulfed Mosul, remained a popular destination for religious pilgrims from around the world.

  • Humphrey Park by Weedman Design Partners

    about 15 hours ago from

    A basement can be so much more than a basement.  Who says your TV room needs to be boring or ugly?

    Not us – and not this client.

    Spaces the entire family can enjoy

    and a bathroom the kids can share in harmony.


  • Foster + Partners seeking Russian Speaking Architect in London, GB

    about 17 hours ago from

    We are currently seeking a talented Russian speaking Architect based in our London offices.

    The successful candidate must be fluent in English and Russian both written and spoken.

    Foster + Partners is one of the most innovative architecture and integrated design practices in the world. Based in London, with offices worldwide, the practice has an international reputation, with buildings on six continents. Since its inception the have won hundreds of awards for excellence. 

    This is a high profile role that reports into the Project Leader/Job Captain of the current project on a day to day basis and ultimately to the Senior Partner

    Key Responsibilities:-

    • To understand the design project
    • To prepare, and develop where required, drawings, models, images and other documents relating to the design
    • To assist where required in the co-ordination of the internal design team
    • To take responsibility, where required by the project leader, for specific areas of the design and project development
    • To liaise, wh...
  • London Mayor Boris Johnson: Nimbies pretend to care about architecture to block developments

    about 18 hours ago from

    Homeowners who "pretend" to care about architecture are "nimbies in disguise" who in reality want to block any development in their local area, Boris Johnson has said. In a scathing assessment, the Mayor of London said homeowners are dishonestly claiming they care about new homes being affordable or well-designed, in fact they simply oppose new developments entirely. Mr Johnson has promised to increase house-building in the capital, and wants to see 45,000 new homes by 2018.

    Related: Boris Johnson's abuse of planning power is an assault on democracy

  • IE SPACES FOR INNOVATION COMPETITION now open for applications

    about 18 hours ago from

    This post is brought to you by IE School of Architecture & Design:

    IE School of Architecture and Design announces IE SPACES FOR INNOVATION Prize for young architects and designers worldwide, seeking to attract top architecture and design talents to invite them to take part in the IE Master in Design for Work, Retail and Learning Environments starting next February 2015.

    We are able to undertake working, shopping and learning in a variety of settings and in new ways. Traditional typologies and spaces are changing, overlapping and becoming new models. Foresee the future of these new blurred spaces over the next decade and propose or comment on how you think our activities might evolve.

    Submit your proposal in a story board presented electronically (A1 horizontal format- PDF or JPG; < 10megas).

    The winning entries will be awarded a 30% scholarship towards the program tuition fees and a full-time paid professional internship in one of these three world class firms: UNStudio (A...

  • Leading museum directors, artists and architects call on Italian government to ban giant ships from Venice

    about 19 hours ago from

    More than 50 leading figures from the worlds of art, film, fashion and architecture have signed a petition calling for a ban on giant cruise ships sailing through Venice. [...] Nicholas Penny, the director of the National Gallery in London, Richard Armstrong, the director of the Guggenheim Foundation, the architect Norman Foster and his wife Elena also endorse the appeal which has been launched by the Association of the International Private Committees for the Safeguarding of Venice [...].

  • Can a Frank Gehry design help change the dynamic of Watts?

    about 19 hours ago from

    Gehry Partners has signed on to design a campus for the Children's Institute, Inc. (CII), a social services not-for-profit that provides youth development and education programs, as well as other family support and clinical services. For the project, the firm is collaborating with (fer) studio of Inglewood. The new campus will occupy a 2-acre lot on East 102nd Street near its intersection with Compton Avenue. It is just a half-dozen block walk to the northwest of the Watts Towers.

  • Eichler Remodel and Addition by jones | haydu

    about 19 hours ago from

    Remodel and addition to an A. Quincy Jones designed Eichler residence in Palo Alto.

  • Medellín made urban escalators famous, but have they had any impact?

    about 19 hours ago from

    Medellín has gained much attention for its urban transformation — and the escalators, which won several international prizes for innovation, make up one of the most striking projects. [...] But are the escalators making any real economic or social impact in the neighborhood? To find out, I spent three months in Medellín talking with people in Comuna 13 about what has and hasn’t changed here.

  • AfterShock #3: Brains and the City

    about 21 hours ago from

    Navel-gazing has become a data-driven sport. We are awash in technology that allows us to track our own activities, and then take responsibility for that scrutiny, holding us accountable for calories consumed or credit cards exhausted. The quantified-self movement can be a sandstorm of uselessness, or it can sublimate into constructive action. If we try to focus our navel-gaze to better understand ourselves, it seems imminent that such scrutiny will next focus on the brain.

  • OMA seeking Business Development Officer – Hong Kong in Hong Kong, HK

    about a day ago from

    OMA’s Business Development (BD) department in Hong Kong is looking to expand. In this position you actively research and acquire potential projects in Asia and Australia. In this position the candidate will be responsible for market research, managing opportunity enquiry and follow through, creating frequent project updates, pre-screen potential projects, competitions, contract negotiation contract management, maintain and manage client/consultant business relationships. Additionally, the candidate will work within our BD team and directly with the Partner in charge, the Director of Hong Kong office, and the Associates.

    General requirements

    • 3-5 years of proven experience in BD in a professional, international environment in the creative industry, real estate, project development on the Asian market
    • MA/BA Degree in Architecture, International Business, Communications or equivalent
    • Highly developed skills in client communications
    • Fluency in English and Mandarin (any other laungaue is an as...
  • Two new films showcase Steven Holl's addition to the Glasgow School of Art

    about a day ago from

    Working simultaneously from the inside out - engaging the functional needs and psychological desires of the program - and the outside in - making connections to the city campus and relating to the Mackintosh building opposite - the design embodies the school's aspirations in the city's fabric.

    Just one month before a disastrous fire broke out at the Glasgow School of Art's historic Mackintosh Library, a brand new addition to the campus opened up across the street. Designed by Steven Holl Architects, the new Reid Building is a modernist complement to the Mackintosh, riffing on similar themes a century apart.

    In collaboration with Steven Holl Architects, filmmakers Spirit of Space produced two pieces to celebrate the Reid building's opening in April. The first film (see below) features interviews with Steven Holl and Chris McVoy (one of the partners in charge of the project), explaining the structure's symbiotic relationship to the Mackintosh, and its attention to multi-disciplinary socialization. The second film is in Spirit of Space's signature archi-documentarian style, capturing the building at all times of the day, rich with humming activity inside, while carefully capturing pivotal design details.

  • The Deceptive Landscape installation investigates generative-performative design tools

    about a day ago from

    A team at the University of Liverpool developed a generative-performative script, which was used to design this installation, with the goal to predict lighting and deceptive blurring effects.

    A description from the creators...

    This installation reflects a collaborative, research led design project, aiming to explore the potentials offered by incorporating parametric / generative tools and performative lighting simulation software in architectural design and fabrication. It was designed in the research led, collaborative design studio framework of our Msc in Digital integrated Design program. During its intense 12 weeks schedule, student teams were asked to explore and apply generative / parametric tools such as Rhino and Grasshopper, in order to design and later construct a small pavilion, with a theme of their choice. In addition, each team was asked to optimize their design proposal by embedding environmental software plug-ins in their design process, thereby aiming to re-inform the...

  • PH Loft Arias by Hitzig Militello arquitectos

    about a day ago from

    Construction was organized through a very specific set of needs from the owner. It had to be an
    area with independent access within the house, one that that not only would solve the needs for
    leisure and recreation, but that would also have the asset of functioning along with the garden
    as a backing for those needs. This would result in a barbecue shed/playroom/office as well as
    the guest rooms.
    The organizational strategy was conceived and outlined by focusing on a sole object that would
    be capable of solving the whole technological complexity by itself and from its location within the
    lot so as to adjust to the functionality of the whole.
    The morphology and placing of this piece is the result of a search for tensions applied to the
    whole, assuming that the practically symmetric receptacle (the lot) required enhancing this
    search through a strong intentionality.
    This way the spaces provided by this piece become just a simple circulation of services on one of
    its sides. Nevertheless, understand...

  • Atelier Vilela by Hitzig Militello arquitectos

    about a day ago from

    The project took place in an old corner property. It is a typical house built in the mid-twentieth century considered as self-construction housing. The property is divided into three separate units. The actual project was performed on corner unit, which functioned as an old bicycle store in the neighborhood.
    The main objective was to operate on the existing place through an element that is not associated to what already exists. While there is not a tectonic association (material), there is from the point of view of the volumes, ie, there was a clear intention of representing a game between the upper volume in contrast to the new intervention. Qualities of the new intervention as a sloped roof expresses a contemporary nod to its neighbor mono-pitched roof.
    For a contrast between the contemporary and the old volume, lightweight construction system was used and corrugated iron cladding were chosen to create a purely cubic volume, thereby releasing the excess of meters to a small triangul...

  • Office + House Luna by Hitzig Militello arquitectos

    about a day ago from

    The project is located in the southern part of the city of Buenos Aires, precisely in Parque
    Patricios, a neighborhood that is being promoted as a technological pole. This characteristic
    motivated the client to start the construction of a building that unfolds into two separate
    volumes, his home and an office for his business. Both buildings have in common
    constructive and material decisions, however they show a strong formal contrast. In
    addition, the two volumes meet sustainable conditions: ventilated facades, reuse of
    rainwater and FCS certified wood ( OSB ).
    The office provides certain dynamics in materials and forms, the heterogeneity of materials
    underlies in the homogeneity of its dark shades of color. The dynamics of the facade, result
    of a formal operation, seeks to achieve a functional simplicity at the entrance while
    generating visuals towards its neighbors, rather lower buildings. The facade includes a
    palette of two materials, zinc metal and brick, trimmed as if one is the other's...

  • Archinect's Employer of the Day - Weekly Round-Up #31

    about a day ago from

    Heads up to all you job seekers and active employers. Here's our weekly batch of employers for Archinect's Employer of the Day. If you've been following the daily feature on Archinect's Facebook page, Employer of the Day is where we highlight active employers and showcase a gallery of their work.

    In case you missed them, check out the latest EOTD features.

    1. Formation Association (Facebook feature)
    Currently hiring: Jr.-Intermediate Designer

    2. Electroland (Facebook feature)
    Currently hiring: Design Interns for experimental artwork

    3. Formations Studio (Facebook feature)
    Currently hiring: Intern Designer/Modeler/Maker

    4. Fougeron Architecture (Facebook feature)
    Currently hiring: Project Architect

    5. Garrett Singer Architecture & Design (Facebook feature)
    Currently hiring: Multiple listings

    To follow Employer of the Day, like Archinect's Facebook page.

  • The Forgotten History of L.A.'s Failed Freeway Revolt

    about a day ago from

    The story of Boyle Heights reminds us that urban highway teardowns don't always end in victory. [...] "What we don't know, however, is the story of the losers, the urban men and women who fought the freeway, unsuccessfully, on the conventional terms of political struggle, who weren't able to pack up and move on, and who channeled expressive cultural traditions to register their grievances against the presence of unwanted infrastructure."

  • RIBA elects Jane Duncan as next President

    about a day ago from

    The Royal Institute of British Architects today announced the result of its presidential election: Jane Duncan, director of Jane Duncan Architects, will become President Elect on September 1, 2014 and will take over the two-year elected presidency from Stephen Hodder on September 1, 2015. Jane Duncan will be the 75th RIBA President.

     “I am delighted to be elected and to have the mandate from RIBA members to undertake my election pledges on improving pride, fees and diversity within the architecture profession," said Jane Duncan after the announcement of the election result. "Over the next year I will be working hard to support Stephen Hodder and visiting and talking to members and staff across the UK.”

    On her campaign website Jane4RIBA, Duncan describes her goals in a mini manifesto:

    • PRIDE: "Restore pride in being an Architect and in the creative and influential work we do"
    • PROFIT: "Drive up fees through campaigning for payment appropriate to skills and experience"
    • PEOPLE: "Improve diver...
  • Modernist Houses Across North Carolina Win Top Honors In The 2014 Matsumoto Prize

    about a day ago from

    Modernist houses from Asheville to Wilmington received top honors last week in the third annual George Matsumoto Prize for Modernist residential design across the state, sponsored by the award-winning non-profit organization North Carolina Modernist Houses (NCMH).

    The houses submitted had to be in North Carolina but the designers could be based anywhere. All submissions were capable of winning in two, or both, categories: the Jury Awards and the People’s Choice Awards.

    During a special ceremony that NCMH held at the Contemporary Art Museum in downtown Raleigh, sponsored by CAM, Foundation bar, and Palette & Parlor, architect Frank Harmon, FAIA, announced the winners of the Jury Awards category, which were chosen by a team of professional architects from California, Massachusetts, and New York, and included cash prizes. The 2014 Jury Award winners were:

    1. First Place: The Smart-Stell House in Durham, designed and built by Vincent Petrarca of Tonic Design + Tonic Construction of Raleigh.
    2. Se...
  • Twitterbot can now warn UK residents when river-levels are rising

    about a day ago from

    A unique collaborative project has been launched, bringing a constant stream of live river level data to anyone who needs to stay up-to-date with environmental conditions. Shoothill GaugeMap brings the real-time status of England and Wales’ rivers and tides from Environment Agency monitoring stations, to people in an accessible and user-friendly manner. It works via the web and Twitter, and is available on all major desktop browsers, tablets and smartphones.

  • Collapse Construction by Formation Association

    about a day ago from

    An installation workshop at the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles, 'Collapse Construction' is a toolkit for large-scale creative-play comprised of cardboard tubes and zip-ties.  Multi-generational participants both younger and older collaborate on structural shapes  individually and then collectively, aggregating their work into an emergent sculpture stacked-up beyond the museum's courtyard mezzanines.  Upon completion, the temporary sculpture is immediately and eagerly pulled down by the very hands that made it - crashing to the ground, then, built-up again, in a creative cycle of collapse and construction.

  • Erweiterung des Städel Museums by Schneider + Schumacher

    about a day ago from

    Im Frühjahr 2008 gewann das Frankfurter Architekturbüro schneider+schumacher den internationalen Wettbewerb für die Erweiterung des Städel Museums. Durch die Positionierung des Neubaus unterhalb des Städel-Gartens, wurde die vorhandene Ausstellungsfläche nahezu verdoppelt – von 4.000 m² auf 7.000 m². Der unterirdische Bau hat eine Breite von 76 m, eine Länge von 53 m und eine maximale Höhe in der Mitte des Raums von 8,20 m.

    Über die gesamte Oberfläche der doppelt gekrümmten Deckenschale verteilen sich 195 Oberlichter, deren Durchmesser von 1,50 m in den Randbereichen bis zu 2,50 m am höchsten Punkt variieren. Diese speziell für das Städel entwickelten Augen für die Kunst sind von außen begehbar und versorgen den Ausstellungsraum mit Tageslicht, welches durch integrierte LED und Sonnenschutzvorrichtungen verstärkt bzw. abgeschwächt werden kann. Die gesamte Decke wird von nur 12 schlanken Stahlbetonstützen getragen. 160 Bohrpfähle verankern den im Grundwasser liegenden Erweiterungsbau ...

  • Two Houses Conde by Hitzig Militello arquitectos

    about a day ago from

    From the beginning this project had to respond to two different voices, or two clients.
    Both required the same amount of square meters for their future homes.
    It is perhaps the greatest achievement of this project, having understood how to complete the
    entire buildable volume equally for both owners, and without losing the ability to have access to
    almost all of the terrain.
    The strategy chosen was to cross-distribute the meters that corresponded to each owner, so that
    both units rotate through the central axis of the patio in a centrifugal manner.
    To achieve the crossed connection of the two properties without wasting useful meters, we took
    the decision to "externalize" the stairs, like sleeve-bridges connecting both units.
    The silhouette of the building is a result of the completion of the maximum buildable volume that
    the code of the city of Buenos Aires allows.
    One strategy for taking advantage of all the meters was maintaining two areas of the property
    formerly located, c...

  • Damien Hirst's London art space due to open next spring

    about a day ago from

    Damien Hirst’s art complex in south London, which was initially due to open this year, will take a little longer to complete. A spokeswoman for Science Ltd, Hirst’s company, says that it is now due to open “in May or June” next year. The centre, which is designed by Caruso St John architects, runs the length of Newport Street in Vauxhall. The former theatre carpentry and scenery production workshops will become six galleries. Office space and a restaurant are also planned.