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  • John King reviews the newly opened Salesforce Tower, now San Francisco's tallest building

    about 20 minutes ago from

    All of which makes for a nuanced tower, conscientious and self-assured even as it reorients the skyline and redefines San Francisco’s visual image. But there’s also an air of detachment, as if the creators were so busy being tasteful they forgot that big buildings can be fun. In the works for a decade, and with plenty of work left to do, the 1.42 million-square-foot tower at First and Mission streets opened quietly Monday.

    John King, the San Francisco Chronicle’s urban design critic, reviews Pelli Clarke Pelli's brand new Salesforce Tower which recently welcomed its first occupants. "And while it won’t ever gain visual swagger," King writes, "you might come to like it more than you expect." 

    At 1,070 feet, it's a slick steel and glass behemoth and dethroned the 853-foot Transamerica Pyramid from its top spot as San Francisco's tallest building — a title it managed to hold since 1972. 

  • Archinect's Employer of the Day: Weekly Round-Up #163

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    On the lookout for a new job? Archinect's Employer of the Day Weekly Round-Up can help start off your hunt amid the hundreds of active listings on our job board. If you've been following the feature on our FacebookEmployer of the Day is where we highlight active employers and showcase a gallery of their work.

    In case you missed them, here are the latest EOTD-featured firms:

    1. Desai Chia Architecture (Facebook feature)
    Currently hiring: Intermediate Architect

    Photo: Paul Warchol.

    2. NADAAA (Facebook feature)
    Currently hiring: Senior Architect

    Collaborating Architect: John Wardle Architects. Photo: John Horner.

    3. TOLO Architecture  (Facebook feature)
    Currently hiring: Intermediate Architect

    Photo credit: TOLO Architecture.

    4. Red Leaf (Facebook feature)
    Currently hiring: Multiple listings

    Credit: Related, KPF. Rendering: Red Leaf.

    Keep track of Employer of the Day by following Archinect's FacebookTwitterPinterest, or the Archinect Jobs Instagram.

    Want more job-hunting and hiring tip...

  • Snøhetta's much-discussed underwater restaurant breaks ground

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    The announcement of Snøhetta's design plans for a below sea restaurant called "Under" was one of the most discussed projects last year. The project, with an expected completion date of March 2019, will be the world's largest underwater restaurant, and the first of its kind in Europe.

    Courtesy of Under.

    SubMar Group, an interdisciplinary group of companies, are heading the construction process for the project, which began this week. The company is responsible for all wave calculations and the marine operations in the project. They have dimensioned and planned the construction, the shipping and the subsea installation, as well as calculated what the construction must be able to withstand from the fierce natural forces.

    Photo Credit: Aina Regina.

    Photo Credit: Aina Regina.

    "The project is a nice mixture of madness and reason. You definitely have to be a bit fearless in order to create something this spectacular" said co-owner of Under, Gaute Ubostad.

    For construction, the structure will b...

  • Get Lectured: Kent State University Florence, Spring '18

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    Archinect's Architecture School Lecture Guide for Winter/Spring 2018

    Archinect's Get Lectured is an ongoing series where we feature a school's lecture series—and their snazzy posters—for the current term. Check back regularly to keep track of any upcoming lectures you don't want to miss.

    Want to share your school's lecture series? Send us your school's lecture series poster and details to

    The Kent State University Florence | CAED lecture series features European architects who significantly influence contemporary architectural practice and shape the future of the built environment. Curated by Paola Giaconia, studio professor and CAED coordinator of the Kent State University Florence Program, here's the Spring '18 lineup.

    Feb 6
    Maria Claudia Clemente and Francesco Isidori
    / Labics 

    Feb 27
    Ludovica Di Falco
    / SCAPE

    Apr 10
    Jules Coke
    / squint/opera

    Apr 17
    Carsten Primdahl
    / CEBRA

    Lectures begin at 7:00 p.m. at Palazzo Vettori Via Cavour 26. Free and open to the publ...

  • 10 sexy stairs for your Friday inspiration

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    In case you haven't checked out Archinect's Pinterest boards in a while, we have compiled ten recently pinned images from outstanding projects on various Archinect Firm and People profiles.

    (Tip: use the handy FOLLOW feature to easily keep up-to-date with all your favorite Archinect profiles!)

    Today's top images (in no particular order) are from the board Stairs.

    Crosscut House in Cambridge, UK by NEX Architecture

    Ortus, The Home of Maudsley Learning in London, UK by Duggan Morris Architects

    h-farm in Roncade, Italy by zanon architetti associati; Photo: Giuseppe Dall'Arche

    David Zwirner, 20th Street in New York, NY by Selldorf Architects; Photo: Jason Schmidt

    Jardim do Sol House in Pôrto Alegre, Brazil by Hype Studio

    Ferry Road in North Haven, NY by Blaze Makoid Architecture

    Hudson Street Mixed-Use Townhouse in New York, NY by Andrew Franz Architect, PLLC; Photo: Albert Vecerka/Esto

    Architecture Faculty in Tournai, Belgium by Aires Mateus; Photo: Tim Van de Velde


  • Domestic Frontiers series: Mass Market Alternatives

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    The first in a series of shows spotlighting research by Pratt Undergraduate Architecture Faculty on the future of Domestic Architecture in 21st Century. This exhibition, featuring the work of John Szot is entitled MASS MARKET ALTERNATIVES.

    "Industrialization has had a profound effect on the American suburb. Only American audacity could have concocted and executed the formula for mass-produced homes that dominates the suburban real estate market in the United States. And only in America could such a formula become an economic and political juggernaut, making places where matters of personal taste are amplified into cultural bulwarks."

    "'Mass Market Alternatives' seeks to exploit the economic leverage and aesthetic principles of mass-market suburban housing in order to diversify its potential customer base and challenge the reputation of the suburbs as enclaves of conservatism and political conformity."

    The exhibition opens on January 22 and runs until February 9. A gallery talk will tak...

  • Our weekly wrap-up of new design competitions worth checking out

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    We get it. It can get a little overwhelming keeping up with the dozens of new architecture competitions launching worldwide on any given week — let alone having to stay on top of the multiple deadlines for each and every one. That's why Bustler is here to help! At the end of every week, we'll share a quick selection of our newest design competition submissions that we think are worth a look, as well as some ongoing ones you might have missed the first time. Check out our latest competition recommendations below.

  • Yuan Architects' terraced “House S” in Taiwan

    about 20 hours ago from

    Yuan Architects seemed to draw inspiration from the surrounding mountainous landscape of Hsinchu, Taiwan when they designed “House S”.

    Built on a hillside, the approximately 416 m² family residence features staggered terraces to “extend the indoor living space to the mountain landscape, offering a connection with nature,” Yuan Architects describes. 

    Photo: Te-Fan Wang, Wenyuan Peng, Stephen Liao.

    Photo: Te-Fan Wang, Wenyuan Peng, Stephen Liao.

    Photo: Te-Fan Wang, Wenyuan Peng, Stephen Liao.

    Diagram. Image courtesy of Yuan Architects.

    An undulating wall that runs through the house defines the home's private and public spaces. “Within the building, the wall encircles the master bedroom and children’s room, forming the two main spaces [...] Between the public and private spaces on each floor, three staggered terraces provide three different lifestyles and settings.” The house was completed in 2016.

    Photo: Te-Fan Wang, Wenyuan Peng, Stephen Liao.

    Photo: Te-Fan Wang, Wenyuan Peng, Stephen Lia...
  • Studying a Brazilian favela via VR

    about 22 hours ago from

    [...] Penn State landscape architecture professor Timothy Baird and architecture professor José Duarte taught a new studio that engaged students in the study of one Brazilian favela via virtual reality (VR) technology. The studio, which paired architecture students with landscape architecture students, posited VR as a proxy for expensive site visits. “Developing countries can’t always afford consultants because of the distance and difficulty to travel,” says Baird [...]

    "Duarte, who has studied informal settlements across the globe, believes in their power to model emergent patterns of more sustainable resource consumption in the developing world, and in the ability for contemporary technology to decode how they work," the Landscape Architecture Magazine writes and quotes Duarte saying: "They are not a problem. They are a solution with many problems."

  • The Santa Barbara Independent undertakes a mapping initiative to assess impacted areas after Montecito mudslides

    about 23 hours ago from

    Last week, deadly mudslides and flooding devastated the Santa Barbara area, destroying at least 100 single-family homes, and damaging another 300 residences, according to the LA Times. While three Montecito residents unfortunately remain missing, government crews have also begun the long and arduous task of clearing debris and getting the region back up and running.

    In an effort to help the recovery, the Santa Barbara Independent is undertaking a house-by-house damage assessment in order to provide a street-by-street look at which homes have been damaged, destroyed, or spared. All information gathered is and will continue to be added to this interactive map.

  • Get Lectured: Columbia GSAPP, Spring '18

    about a day ago from

    Archinect's Architecture School Lecture Guide for Winter/Spring 2018

    Archinect's Get Lectured is an ongoing series where we feature a school's lecture series—and their snazzy posters—for the current term. Check back regularly to keep track of any upcoming lectures you don't want to miss.

    Want to share your school's lecture series? Send us your school's lecture series poster and details to

    Columbia GSAPP's jam-packed Spring '18 lecture series kicks off next Monday with a lecture by Rozana Montiel, who won the 2017 Moira Gemmill Prize for Emerging Architecture. Other speakers include Jürgen Mayer H, Keller Easterling, Andrés Jaque, Philip Yuan, T+E+A+M, and more. 

    Here's a selection of upcoming lectures, conferences, and exhibitions.


    Jan 22, 6:30pm
    Rozana Montiel
    Response by Amale Andraos

    Jan 29, 6:30pm
    T+E+A+M: Thom Moran, Ellie Abrons, Adam Fure, and Meredith Miller
    Response by Ada Tolla 

    Feb 5, 6:30pm
    AGENdA: Camilo Restrepo Ochoa
    Response by Enrique Wal...

  • Twenty-four years after the Northridge quake, Los Angeles still has thousands of 'soft-story' buildings to retrofit

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    Los Angeles city officials and property owners are making progress on retrofitting the types of apartment buildings that proved especially vulnerable in the 1994 Northridge earthquake. [...] As of this month, retrofits on 608 “soft-story” buildings are complete and another almost 4,000 retrofits are in progress, according to the mayor’s office. More than 13,000 of an estimated 13,500 soft-story buildings have been issued orders to comply, the first step on the road to retrofitting.

    Commemorating the 24-year anniversary of the 1994 Northridge Earthquake which devastated the greater Los Angeles area on January 17, Curbed LA reports about the status of LA Mayor Eric Garcetti's effort to retrofit all of the city's 13,500 "soft-story" buildings — like the ubiquitous, and extremely vulnerable, dingbat-style apartment buildings.

  • Kengo Kuma design wins Papirøen Water Culture House competition in Copenhagen

    about a day ago from

    The winning entry for Copenhagen's Water Culture House competition was designed by Kengo Kuma in collaboration with Denmark subcontractors Cornelius Voge, Soren Jensen engineers and Niels Sigsgaard. The project combines a waterfront culture center with leisure and sport facilities centered around harbor baths.

  • Amazon releases short list of 20 cities for its second headquarters

    about a day ago from

    Now that it’s down to a final list, Amazon says that it plans to “dive deeper into their proposals” and evaluate whether these locations can actually support the company’s plan to add up to 50,000 jobs. The final list is full of mostly expected choices. Amazon is looking primarily at major metro areas with lots of people, transit options, and access to airports.

    Here are the 20 finalists:

    • Atlanta, Georgia
    • Austin, Texas
    • Boston, Massachusetts
    • Chicago, Illinois
    • Columbus, Ohio
    • Dallas, Texas
    • Denver, Colorado
    • Indianapolis, Indiana
    • Los Angeles, California
    • Miami, Florida
    • Montgomery County, Maryland
    • Nashville, Tennessee
    • Newark, New Jersey
    • New York City, New York
    • Northern Virginia, Virginia
    • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
    • Raleigh, North Carolina
    • Toronto, Ontario
    • Washington, DC.
  • Fellow Fellows: WAI Architecture Think Tank

    about a day ago from

    Fellow Fellows is a series that focuses on the current eruption and trend of fellowships in academia today. These positions within the academic realm produce a fantastic blend of practice, research and design influence and traditionally within a tight time frame. Fellow Fellows sits down with these fellows and attempts to understand what these positions offer to both themselves and the discipline at large. Fellow Fellows is about bringing attention and inquiry to an otherwise maddening pace of refreshed academics while giving a broad view of the exceptional and breakthrough work being done in-between the newly minted graduate and the licensed associate. 

    This week we talk to WAI Architecture Think Tank. WAI Architecture Think Tank is an international studio practicing architecture, urbanism and architectural research, founded in Brussels in 2008 by Puerto Rican architect, artist, author and theorist Cruz Garcia and French architect, artist, author and poet, Nathalie Frankowski. WAI ...

  • Dom-Ino Pavilion by Benyuan Design and Research Center

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    A pavilion called "Dom-Ino" is presented by 2017 Bi-City Shenzhen Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture(UABB) - Sub-exhibition in Shangwei Village. Different from conventional buildings, this pavilion has no walls, but 24 huge iron doors. Doors can be either opened or closed at any angle by rotating, which allows the space to “breathe”. 

    "Dom-Ino House" proposed by Le Corbusier in 1915, brings infinite possibilities of free plan and elevation to architectural design. 100 years later, an old building left with unfinished concrete structure frame, found abandoned in an ordinary village of southern China, is strikingly similar to the "Dom-Ino House" prototype, and is demonstrating its application of the "Domino System" in the Shangwei Village, like a specimen. 

    Benyuan Design and Research center has carried out a series of renovation strategies to this old building: 1. Retain the original structure of the concrete frame; 2. Use 24 giant iron doors to create a space with different spatial c...

  • MoMA announces an upcoming exhibition on Yugoslav concrete architecture

    about a day ago from

    The Museum of Modern Art has announced their summer exhibition exploring architecture of the former Yugoslavia. Toward a Concrete Utopia: Architecture in Yugoslavia, 1948–1980  will be the first major US presentation of the work developed within the country's 45 years of existence. 

  • Feast your eyes on the 2017 Wood Design & Building Award winning projects

    about a day ago from

    Every year, top-notch wood design projects built over the last five years are celebrated in the prestigious Wood Design & Building Awards. Launched by Wood Design & Building Magazine and the Canadian Wood Council, the awards program encourages designers worldwide to continue pushing the boundaries in wood construction.

    Today, the winners for the 2017 competition were revealed. Prizes included Honors, Merits, Citations, and other special awards. Scroll down for a look at these wood design beauties. 


  • ​Stanton Williams design a new extension for Cambridge's business school​

    about a day ago from

    Stanton Williams completed a new design extension for the Cambridge Judge Business School at the University of Cambridge. The £21.5 million expansion utilized the existing site's potential in creating The Simon Sainsbury Centre. The Centre will serve as a versatile hub in providing flexible education spaces for the school’s Executive Education program. 

    The Centre is conceived as an extension of the original hospital replacing two former nurses' hostels. Stanton Williams' design draws inspiration from the hospital's historic masonry facade while also complimenting the adjoining 1995 John Outram-redesigned building. This approach unifies the campus's architectural identity beyond a single period style. 

    Cambridge's new extension is also on track to achieve a BREEAM Excellent rating for sustainability. The design utilizes an innovative strategy of distributed ventilation with the incorporation of 60 small heat recovery units within the building envelope to create a ‘breathing facade’....

  • AIAS selects students to participate in CRIT Scholar fellowship program

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    The American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS) announced the students selected to participate in this year's CRIT Scholar fellowship program. The fellowship program is supported by the AIA and in partnership with several prominent architecture firms. Recipients receive a $1,000 grant for their research project and are matched with a mentor involved in conducting research at an architectural firm. 

    The students selected to participate are as follows:

    Megha Dubey, University of Cincinnati
    Sinan Goral, Carnegie Mellon University
    Kristen Hoover, Morgan State University
    Chelsey Luiz, University of Oregon
    Kevin Park, University of Texas at Arlington
    Samantha Pires, New Jersey Institute of Technology
    Evan Wermers, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

    The program aims to support student research and provide a practical perspective through mentor guidance. Each student's final project will be presented at next year's CRIT Live Research Symposia. 

  • Over a half million visitors attended the second Chicago Architecture Biennial

    about 2 days ago from

    The recently concluded 2017 Chicago Architecture Biennial saw over 550,000 visitors. Artistic Directors Sharon Johnston and Mark Lee, of the LA-based firm Johnston Marklee, selected 140 architects and designers from 20 countries to participate. Among the vast number of attendees the biennial also boasts engagement of more than 10,000 students. 

    Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced, "The second Chicago Architecture Biennial reinforced Chicago's reputation as the vanguard of architectural, art and design innovation on the national and international stage". 

    Offering over 273 public programs, the event featured exhibitions by the Alphawood Foundation, Graham Foundation, Art Institute of Chicago and the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago. The Biennial will return September 19, 2019 and run through January 5, 2020, again in line with EXPO CHICAGO. 

  • Ai Wei Wei among finalists for San Francisco's Treasure Island public art project

    about 2 days ago from

    A shortlist of high-profile artists, including Ai Wei Wei, Antony Gormley, and Andy Goldsworthy, has been announced by the San Francisco Art Commission as part of the city's $50 million redevelopment plan for Treasure Island and Yerba Buena Island. The selected finalists have been invited to propose artworks for each of these three sites on the island:

    • Building 1 Plaza ($1 million art budget): Ai Wei Wei, Chakaia Booker, Pae White with Ned Kahn as an alternate
    • Waterfront Plaza ($2 million art budget): Ai Wei Wei, Antony Gormley, and Jorge Pardo
    • Yerba Buena Hilltop Park ($2 million art budget): Chakaia Booker, Andy Goldsworthy, and Hiroshi Sugimoto 
  • China builds "world's biggest air purifier" to battle air pollution

    about 2 days ago from

    An experimental tower over 100 metres (328 feet) high in northern China – dubbed the world’s biggest air purifier by its operators – has brought a noticeable improvement in air quality, according to the scientist leading the project, as authorities seek ways to tackle the nation’s chronic smog problem. [...] The head of the research, Cao Junji, said improvements in air quality had been observed over an area of 10 square kilometres (3.86 square miles) in the city over the past few months [...].

    Now that the experimental smog-eating tower is up and running in the city of Xian, authorities are hoping to build much bigger, scaled-up versions in other Chinese cities soon: "A full-sized tower would reach 500 metres (1,640 feet) high with a diameter of 200 metres (656 feet)," the South China Morning Post writes.

  • Get Lectured: Ohio State University, Spring '18

    about 2 days ago from

    Archinect's Architecture School Lecture Guide for Winter/Spring 2018

    Archinect's Get Lectured is an ongoing series where we feature a school's lecture series—and their snazzy posters—for the current term. Check back regularly to keep track of any upcoming lectures you don't want to miss.

    Want to share your school's lecture series? Send us your school's lecture series poster and details to

    Check out who will be speaking in The Ohio State University Knowlton School of Architecture's Baumer Lecture Series for the Spring 2018 term.

    Jan 10
    Adam Marcus and Andrew Kudless
    / California College of the Arts 

    Jan 17
    Caroline Levine
    / Cornell University 

    Jan 24
    Todd Gannon and Joe Da
    y / Ohio State University and SCI-Arc 

    Jan 31
    Andrew Zago
    / Zago Architecture 

    Feb 14
    Tom Sanchez
    / Virginia Tech 

    Feb 21
    Kate Cullity
    / Taylor Cullity Lethlean 

    Feb 28
    Henri Bava
    / Agence Ter 

    Mar 7
    William O'Brien, Jr.
    / MIT 

    Mar 21
    Wonne Ickx

    Mar 28
    Kristi Cheramie
    / The Ohio State Univ...

  • Patrik Schumacher addresses backlash against his statements on eliminating social housing and privatizing public spaces

    about 2 days ago from

    When Patrik Schumacher spoke at the 17th World Architecture Festival back in 2016, his speech, calling for an end to social housing and the privatization of public space, caused serious push-back, even from the firm he currently runs. Since, Schumacher has been trying to lay low—at least as far as spewing his politics is concerned. 

    “I was a bit shocked. I mean, I have a thick skin, but it was unexpected and troubling. And it did for a while make me pull away a bit and calm down, to hide my polemics for a little bit and let that storm kind of fly over. I was really ducking under for a while" the architect told the Guardian.

    Now, however, Schumacher wants to clarify his stance, arguing that he has been misunderstood. In this recent article in the Guardian, the architect once again touts his neoliberal, privatization scheme clarifying that "it’s not about me attacking vulnerable groups in society and wanting to throw them on to the street...The headline premise here is how can we actu...

  • Marc Breitman and Nada Breitman-Jakov named 2018 Richard H. Driehaus Prize laureates

    about 2 days ago from

    This morning, the University of Notre-Dame announced that the French architects, Marc Breitman and Nada Breitman-Jakov, have been named the 2018 laureate of the 16th Richard H. Driehaus Prize. The prize, which comes with a $200,000 check, honors living architects for their long-term significant contributions to the discipline and whose work has made a positive impact in “keeping with the highest ideals of classical architecture in contemporary society." Previous laureates include Scott MerrillDavid M. SchwarzThomas H. BeebyMichael Graves, and Robert A.M. Stern.

  • Architects Thomas Kelley and Carrie Norman among the 45 2018 Fellows named by United States Artists

    about 2 days ago from

    United States Artist (USA) has announced their family of 45 fellows for 2018. Their areas of disciplines range from art and architecture, to literature and writing, to name a few, and are awarded an unrestricted $50,000 to pursue any range of curiosities, proclivities and/or trajectories the awardees may have. The grant is specifically intended to bestow the grantee the financial freedom to undergo research in a manner that would be impossible if not for the award. This year's Architecture & Design fellows are Carrie Norman and Thomas Kelley of Norman Kelley, along with the public artist, Amanda Williams.

    The grantees are selected by genre-specific panels of experts from more than 500 artists nominated by their peers, then confirmed by USA’s board. As stated by the United States Artists President & CEO Deana Haggag. "I could not be more thrilled with the 2018 USA Fellows, or with the tremendous artistic output, and potential, they represent... They produce some of the most moving, i...

  • Are you experienced? Check out our selection of senior-level architecture opportunities from Archinect Jobs

    about 2 days ago from

    Do you have extensive job experience and are ready for the next level? Senior-level roles at architecture firms typically require a minimum of 10 years of experience. If this describes you, take your next career step into this coming new year and go for a position of precedence. For those of you looking to up their rank we have gathered 11 exceptional Senior-level positions currently active on the Archinect Job Board...

    FXFOWLE Architects has three active listing in their NYC office for a Senior Project Architect, and two Interior related positions of Senior Project Manager and Senior Project Architect

    Museum of the Built Environment rendering by FXFOWLE Architects. Image: FXFOWLE Architects.

    The firm’s practice encompasses corporate, civic, cultural, educational, transportation, residential, hospitality, office, retail, and mixed-use projects on a variety of scales, from single story to high-rise. FXFOWLE Architects is seeking highly motivated individuals with several years of exp...

  • SoapBox: Utopia

    about 2 days ago from

    Soapbox is a weekly series delivering a curated set of lectures, talks and symposia concerning contemporary themes but explored through the archives of lectures past and present. With the plethora of lectures, talks, symposia and panels occurring world wide on a daily basis, how can we begin to keep up and if not, find them once they are gone? Soapbox looks to assemble a selection of recent, archived and outlier lectures surrounding a given theme. Soapbox looks to curate this never-ending library of ideas into an engaging and diverse list of thoughts and provocations. Soapbox is just that, a collection aimed at discovering the occasional needle in a haystack.

  • Requiem - Lahdelma & Mahlmäki’s Museum for the Defense and Siege of Leningrad

    about 2 days ago from

    Lahdelma & Mahalmäki Architects have unveiled Requiem, their competition proposal for the Museum for the Defense and Siege of Leningrad, St. Petersburg. The project was undertaken in partnership with Ralph Appelbaum Associates who, together, formed the only international team amongst the four final designs. The design sees an elegant spiral, buried in the landscape, reaching up from the exhibitions which are buried in a vast cavern underground. The route corkscrews out the top of the riverside, reaching outwards to give views over the new St. Petersburg.

    Images credit to: Brick Visuals

    The Museum for the Defense and Siege of Leningrad and its several components form a powerful spatial composition, connecting to the character and history of the city. The Thread of Life, the Memorial of Heroes of Leningrad and the Square of Testimony all sit against the backdrop of a newly created tranquil river side park.

    Images credit to: Brick Visuals

     The ‘Thread of Life’ refers to the museum and ex...