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  • Melbourne tower to display weather data via LED animations on its façade

    about 15 hours ago from

    The 40-storey building at 888 Collins Street, in Victoria Harbour, will interpret real-time weather data from the Bureau of Meteorology and will transmit the next day's forecast every half-hour. However, rather than showing the weather report in numbers and with a temperature display [lighting designer] Canadian-born Bruce Ramus said it would be more of an abstract representation and reflection of the environment of Docklands.

    Checking the weather forecast on your smartphone is so passé. The Woods Bagot-designed apartment tower will show off a flashy accessory that gives real-time weather data, conceived by lighting designer Bruce Ramus. Completion of the 40-story building is scheduled for 2017.


  • Christopher Hawthorne dissects Zumthor's inkblot with LACMA Director Michael Govan

    about a day ago from

    Since opening the doors of its original William Pereira buildings in 1965, the Los Angele County Museum of Art has grown along with its home. The version of the city beloved by Reyner Banham and Pereira was alive then on the historic Miracle Mile, proselytizing megasized car-infrastructure and New Suburban models of living. From the 1980s through the 2000s, the museum expanded and reorganized, adding Bruce Goff’s Japanese Pavilion and Renzo Piano’s additions. Now, the entire conglomerate is slated for a redesign, into a singular swath by famed museum architect Peter Zumthor, with new attention paid to an incoming Metro station. And according to the Los Angeles Times’ architecture critic, Christopher Hawthorne, this is distinctly on track with where the megaregion as a whole is going – part of his so-called “Third Los Angeles”.

    This third stage of Los Angeles is “an altogether more integrated, metropolitan-oriented” place, and is the namesake for Hawthorne’s ongoing lecture series exp...

  • Further details on Tadao Ando's NYC luxury condo tower

    about 2 days ago from

    At the corner of Elizabeth and Kenmare Streets at the edge of NoLIta, demolition work began in early March to make way for a seven-story condominium, Mr. Ando’s first stand-alone project in the city, although he has designed a restaurant (Morimoto in Chelsea) and residential interiors in Manhattan. Sales are expected to begin in April, with prices [...] likely to rise to more than $30 million for the four-bedroom penthouse, according to Mr. Steinberg.


  • Kickstart this! Archinect's Kickstarter picks for March 2015

    about 2 days ago from

    Time for the latest Kickstarter picks for Archinect's curated Kickstarter page. Check out what sorts of crowdfunding projects made it onto this month's list...

    Organic Growth. Summer Pavilion on Governors Island 2015

    Izaskun Chinchilla Architects was chosen as one of the winners in the 2015 ‘City of Dreams’ Pavilion competition to have their proposal "Organic Growth" constructed on Governors Island, NY. Dubbed by the firm as "NY's biggest bike bouquet", the proposed 95 sq.m. canopy puts space-filling waste materials to crafty use.

    Billion Oyster Pavilion

    Another winning City of Dreams Pavilion design by BanG Studios. All the materials in the Billion Oyster Pavilion would be used by the New York Harbor School to rebuild oyster habitats in NY's waterways.

    2015 CGarchitect Visualization Conference's Jeff Mottle and CGSchool business partner Brian Zajac teamed up to create the first annual CGarchitect 3D Architectural Visualization Conference. Out of an ambitious fund...

  • Ten Top Images on Archinect's "Glass" Pinterest Board

    about 2 days ago from

    In case you haven't checked out Archinect's Pinterest boards in a while, we have compiled ten recently pinned images from outstanding projects on various Archinect Firm and People profiles.

    (Tip: use the handy FOLLOW feature to easily keep up-to-date with all your favorite Archinect profiles!)

    Today's top images (in no particular order) are from the board Glass.

    MAS - Museum aan de Stroom in Antwerp, Belgium by Neutelings Riedijk Architects; Photo: Sarah Blee © Neutelings Riedijk Architects

    Fellows Pavilion - American Academy in Berlin, Germany by Barkow Leibinger; Photo: © Stefan Müller

    Públia Hortênsia de Castro High School in Vila Viçosa, Portugal by Cândido Chuva Gomes, Arquitectos Lda. (team member: Bruno Trindade Bernardo)

    Verbouwing Tuindorp in Utrecht, the Netherlands by BYTR Architecten

    Peribere Residence in Miami Beach, FL by [STRANG] Architecture; Photo: © Claudia Uribe-Touri

    House in Sang-an, South Korea by studio_GAON; Photo: Hyosook Chin

    Jesuit High School Chapel ...

  • Jing Jin City, China's luxury ghost town

    about 2 days ago from

    Artist/photographer Andi Schmied chose one of these Chinese new towns as the subject for a project that goes beyond merely capturing a desolate townscape. Jing Jin City, 100 miles from Beijing, is a luxury resort town consisting of some 4000 villas, a Hyatt Regency resort spa and amenities such as a golf course and a horse racing track. It is not really a ghost town, however, since it is partially populated, but many of the villas remain in various states of completion.

  • SCI-Arc to Launch Online OFFRAMP Journal on April 10

    about 2 days ago from

    Interpretations, distorting, bending with alternatives, lies, lying, liar. The multi-faceted nature of contemporary discourse in architecture can be conceived as a field of partial and subjective truths evidenced by its mediums and conventions. Questioning traditional notions of representation as a principal means for exchange, we ask what relation contemporary work must bear to a referent to acquire meaning.

    From orthographic projections and perspectival distortions to rendering curated views, optical aberrations, and texturing, our discipline offers specific forms of effect-production. Granting that architectural representations are in themselves a form of truth, what do they actually represent? What is the nature of their plural truths? To what degrees do falsehood, deceit, fiction, and lies play in this analysis? These are some of the questions Offramp 9 sets out to ask.

    Offramp is the academic journal published by SCI-Arc in Los Angeles. Between 1987 and 2000, SCI-Arc produced se...

  • DS+R's Berkeley Art Museum/Pacific Film Archive announces first exhibit, preps for 2016 opening

    about 2 days ago from

    The Berkeley Art Museum/Pacific Film Archive recently revealed details to their inaugural exhibition and other fun-sounding programs as they prepare to move into their new downtown Berkeley location at Oxford and Center Streets, across the University of California, Berkeley campus. The new museum -- which Diller Scofidio + Renfro was commissioned to design -- is scheduled to open in early 2016.

    With DS + R as design architect, the $112 million project will integrate the former UC Berkeley printing plant and a new steel-clad curvilinear structure, encompassing about 82,000 sq.ft total. The new structure will include improved accessible spaces to house BAM/PFA's exhibition spaces, film screenings, offices, and other public amenities. On the other hand, the project preserves some original elements of the UC Berkeley printing plant such as the north-facing sawtooth roof to let natural light filter into the ground-floor galleries.

    The new structure will also feature two film theaters (232 ...

  • Jesuit High School Chapel of the North American Martyr by Hodgetts + Fung

    about 2 days ago from

    Designed as an iconic structure that will greet students on their daily arrival, the Chapel of the North American Martyrs is meant to be a welcoming presence when approached from the main campus. The strong yet simple geometry, enduring materials, and soaring ceilings have been chosen to provide a spiritual anchor for the Jesuit High School Campus, and to provide a symbolic  progression from dynamic campus life to a more contemplative sacred space.

    A simple folded plane provides shelter.  Braced by a tangled web of steel that has been likened to a crown of thorns, the purity of the surface is unbroken save for colorful embossed recesses to capture natural light. A single aperture in the roof provides a passage for the mount upon which the cross is held aloft, and cascades light along its surface into the sanctuary, thus leading the eye of the parishioner upwards and outwards to share the sky with the simple, unaffected cross.

    Portals to the sanctuary flow between curving walls from a ...

  • The Mothership by Anya Sirota + AKOAKI

    about 2 days ago from

    The Mothership is P-Funk inspired mobile DJ booth and broadcast module for Detroit’s North End. Channeling the Afro-Futurist sensibility and playfulness of the legendary funk emblem, the Mothership will stage a series of cultural happenings in Detroit over the course of the year.

    The Mothership is conceived as a deployable unit fastening together using a simple aluminum paneling system and bolts. Its cosmetic finish coopts techniques from car customization, “pimping out” the surface with gold vinyl and dichroic film.

  • Málaga unveils outposts of two high-profile museums in one week

    about 2 days ago from

    For Málaga’s mayor, Francisco de la Torre, the rebirth of Hotel Miramar is a sign that his €100m gamble on rebranding the city is paying off. During his 15 years in office he has lead an aggressive campaign to turn Málaga into a place brimming with culture. [...] His campaign reached new heights this week with the opening of the first foreign outposts of two high-profile museums: the Centre Pompidou Málaga and the Málaga branch of the St Petersburg State Russian Museum.

    Previously: Centre Pompidou to cover France with pop-ups

  • Russia considering plans for a 12,400-mile superhighway linking London and Alaska

    about 2 days ago from

    The Trans-Eurasian Belt Development would see the construction of a vast motorway across Russia. It would connect with existing networks in Europe, making road trips to eastern Russia a far easier proposition. While roads do currently run across most of Russia, the quality tends to deteriorate the farther you travel from Moscow. [...] A new high-speed train line would also be constructed, along with pipelines for gas and oil.

  • AIANY Executive Director Rick Bell resigns

    about 2 days ago from

    The AIA New York chapter released a brief statement today announcing the immediate resignation of Executive Director Rick Bell:

    “AIANY and Center for Architecture Executive Director Rick Bell has offered, and the organization’s Board of Directors has accepted, his immediate resignation. An interim Executive Director will be named next week and a search to find a new Executive Director will also begin at that time.”

    Bell became executive director in 2001 and helped found the Center for Architecture on LaGuardia Place in 2003. He is regarded as having an influential role in raising the architectural community's involvement on policy issues like affordable housing, accessibility, sustainability, and waterfront use. He was also heavily involved in post-disaster programs like New York New Visions, a design and urban planning coalition that prepares recommendations for rebuilding Lower Manhattan following the 9/11 attacks.

  • "Great City...Terrible Place": A discussion on the urban future of India

    about 2 days ago from

    India is currently the second most populated country in the world, closely following China, at 1.25 billion people. Around 30 percent of its inhabitants, roughly the population of the entire United States, live in urban areas that continue to grow. The astonishing numbers are proof of the country’s demographic explosion, and make Indian cities a fascinating combination of chaos and vitality rarely found elsewhere. Great City…Terrible Place, this year’s Z-AXIS symposium curated by the Charles Correa Foundation in Goa, explored the complex forces shaping global cities in an effort to understand the dynamism of India’s ever-changing urban centers. Held over three days at Kala Academy, one of Correa’s masterworks, the conference brought together speakers from different corners of the world to share their views with an audience eager to take an active role in India’s urban transformation.

    The conference’s moderator, Pratyush Shankar, described cities as places of will, where people forge ...

  • Activism targeting London's housing crisis bubbles to the surface

    about 2 days ago from

    Protestors against low-income housing demolition are not just fighting for their homes, but often for their ability to stay in London at all. The small amount of “affordable” housing being discussed as a replacement is really a figleaf.

  • Working out of the Box: Abraham Burickson, poet, conceptual artist and founder of "Odyssey Works"

    about 2 days ago from

    Working out of the Box is a series of features presenting architects who have applied their architecture backgrounds to alternative career paths.

    In this installment, we're talking with Abraham Burickson, founder of Odyssey Works.

    Are you an architect working out of the box? Do you know of someone that has changed careers and has an interesting story to share? If you would like to suggest an (ex-)architect, please send us a message.

  • Christoper Hawthorne on the recovery of public space in Los Angeles

    about 3 days ago from

    "The public sector stopped making public space a long time ago," Los Angeles architect Jon Jerde told Wired magazine rather matter-of-factly in 1999. [...] A little more than two decades later, there is something quaintly fatalistic about Jerde's attitude toward the frail state of public space. In Los Angeles, at least, it has returned pretty dramatically to health.

  • Synagoge Chabad Lubawitsch, Berlin-Wilmersdorf by nps tchoban voss

    about 3 days ago from

    Fluid structure

    The building was erected in 1922 by Otto Hanke as a substation, transformer station and later converted into a lighting laboratory. The bright neo-classical façade of the building is fitting to the style of city’s prestigious residence area near Kurfürstendamm. Therefore, the two-story front facade does not reflect the originally technical use of the building. The building was bought by a Jewish foundation in 2004 and is now being rebuilt and provided to the Jewish-orthodox society “Chabad Lubawitsch” for the next 99 years.

    The building envelope remained the same except for an added modern portal, yet the interior was considerably changed. The originally transformer hall was converted into an orthodox synagogue with the traditional Jewish ritual bath, the Mikwe in the basement. Seminar rooms, a library, a room for children’s services, a café and a festival room with attached kosher kitchen offer room for miscellaneous religious and cultural events for members of the Je...

  • Song-chu Bending Band by L'EAU Design

    about 3 days ago from

    Marketing as a special place having tranquil walk
    The planned site is located in the entrance of Songchu Valley of the foot of Bukhansan. For this reason, many mountain climbers come in and out here from other areas regardless of weekday or weekend. Nevertheless, there is no rest area for village residents, but there are only low wooden benches for customers of restaurants that are built around the trail. In addition, as increasing mountain climbers, it is prospected to accelerate commercialization of this area for example; people have to pay for resting.    
    We had a modest plan to provide the place expressing the especialness of Songchu Valley. First of all, the peaceful rest area is planned to be able to satisfy everyone who are in and out by considering residents who live nearby as well as visitors.
    Indeed, if a land owner has the goal and the will to achieve something through this land, place marketing as a new cultural art space would be possible to make citizens crave for restin...

  • Urbanism From Within by The Open Workshop

    about 3 days ago from

    In recent years, San Francisco has become emblematic of the difficulties of managing rapid urban growth in a culture entrenched in NIMBYism. The influx of jobs, primarily in the tech sector, and associated wealth from these industries, has caused rents and housing prices to soar to the highest in the country, widespread gentrification, and socio-economic homogenization as the lower and middle class continue to flee the city. One of the challenges in providing new density to the city is that the image of the city, which is associated with its civic identity and tourism industry, is closely linked to a romantic vision of Victorian housing. One of the inadvertent outcomes of the housing crisis is the widespread creation of secondary (in-law) units — smaller units embedded within or located upon one’s property. Currently, the city estimates that over 50,000 illegal secondary units exist within the interior; hidden in garages, attics, or the rear of homes. Because of their illegal status...

  • City Quartier DomAquarée, Berlin-Mitte by nps tchoban voss

    about 3 days ago from

    New building development with a hotel, an apartment building and two office buildings, commercial use on ground floors.

    Stone setting

    City Quartier "DomAquarée" is an ensemble of four buildings on the site of the former Palace Hotel between the Berliner Dom, Museum Island and Alexanderplatz. It is a composition of a hotel with a conference center, two office buildings, a residential building and a variety of shops and dining options. The ensemble is very popular among visitors due to its exclusive location.

    Each building is a variation of the whole through the harmonious use of the natural stone facades. Unusually arched glass roofs cover the hotel and the large office building. The atriums as well as the streets are covered by canopies made of an “intelligent” climate responsive transparent high-tech foil. Due to its lightweight only minimal structure is needed. One can experience the height of the spacious atriums from the luxurious panoramic elevators, which complement the horizont...

  • MAS - Museum aan de Stroom by Neutelings Riedijk Architects

    about 3 days ago from


    The Museum Aan de Stroom (MAS) stands between the old docks in the heart of the old port area of Antwerp, a major urban renewal project that is developing into a vibrant new city district. The MAS is designed as a sixty-meter high tower.

    Ten giant natural stone boxes, full of historical objects, are piled up as a physical demonstration of the gravity of history to form a storehouse in the heart of the old docks. Each floor of the tower is twisted a quarter turn, creating a huge spiral staircase. This spiral space, which is bordered by a wall of corrugated glass, is a public gallery as a continuation of the cities public domain, open at all times. An escalator route carries the people up from the museum square to the top of the spiral tower. At each floor the visitor can enter a museum hall and immerge into the story of the dead city, while on his way to top breathtaking panoramas of the living city unfold. At the top of the tower one finds ...

  • Great Synagogue of Edirne in Turkey, Europe's third largest synagogue, reopens after five-year restoration

    about 3 days ago from

    Top Turkish government officials, nearly 100 international dignitaries, and 500 members of the Turkish Jewish community took part in a ceremony commemorating the re-opening of the Great Synagogue of Edirne today after a five-year restoration. The synagogue is claimed to be the largest synagogue in the Balkans and the third largest in Europe.

    The $2.5 million government investment repaired the synagogue's lead-clad domes, its collapsed roof and walls, and its foundation was fortified. Inside, the floor covering was restored to its original patterns and colors, as well as the Torah inscriptions. Turkey’s Prime Ministry General Directorate of Foundations oversaw the restoration.

    The Great Synagogue of Edirne - after and before restoration.

    The push to rebuild the Great Synagogue began in 2010, as part of an effort to mitigate restrictions on Turkey's non-Muslim religious minorities. Authorities describe the Great Synagogue's reopening as a symbol of tolerance towards Turkey's Jewish commu...

  • This modernist Rudolph Schindler church in South LA could be yours for $1.85M

    about 3 days ago from

    Prolific Los Angeles Modernist Rudolph Schindler designed dozens of timeless duplexes, apartments, houses, and office buildings, but he only ever designed one church. Bethlehem Baptist Church in Central-Alameda was built in 1944 for a small, black church congregation. Now, just after a much-needed restoration to what was for many years a pretty rough-looking building, the architecturally significant church—an official Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Landmark—is up for sale.