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  • Editor's Picks #398

    about 8 hours ago from

    For the latest Working out of the Box: Archinect talked with artist and architecture theorist, Santiago Borja. He relates that one thing he learned from architecture school is 

    "a sense of structural logic that most artists lack. They imagine things they have no clue how to build. Having said that, you could maybe say the same thing about architects…"

    midlander was impressed "The installations are refreshing - they react to the architecture without following an architectural logic...these look free of the forced logic which constrains a lot of architects working in installation. My compliments to the artist!"

    Plus, did you notice, a new sidebar graphic/ad was launched for Archinect Sessions?

    Bustler announced Moshe Safdie will receive the 2015 AIA Gold Medal. Harold-Sprague Solie, agreed with many commentators "about time. I worked in his office during my first year out of school and it was an amazing experience". Contrarily, HotelSphinx admires "Habitat, as do most architects - but...

  • Chicago Architecture Biennial starts percolating with Kiosk Competition announcement

    about 12 hours ago from

    The [Lakefront Kiosk Competition] calls for the inventive design of a new kiosk that will be installed on Chicago’s lakefront, one of the city’s most vibrant public spaces. A jury of architects, curators, and city representatives will select one winner to receive the BP Prize, which includes an honorarium for design development and a construction budget to realize the design.

    The very first Chicago Architecture Biennial is gearing up for its run October 2015 - January 2016: themed "The State of the Art of Architecture", the biennial just announced its "Lakefront Kiosk Competition", to design a kiosk for use on Chicago's waterfront during and after the Biennial.

    As stipulated in the brief, the kiosk must serve a commercial purpose during the summer season, and still function as "an iconic work of architecture that will attract visitors and enliven the lakefront year-round". Other than that, it's pretty open.

    Part of a coordinated, broader effort with the Chicago Park District and the city's mayor, Rahm Emanuel, the competition is open to anyone, anywhere – teams can be multidisciplinary, so long as it's headed by someone with an accredited architecture degree. The jury will consist of "architects, curators and city representatives", including architects David Adjaye and Jeanne Gang.

    Check out the Lakefront Kiosk Competition listing on Bustler for more inform...

  • A Memorial for the Workers Dying While Constructing the Qatar World Cup Stadium

    about 16 hours ago from

    The Qatar World Cup Memorial project is a scalable building that raises awareness about the number of workers who died during the construction of the stadiums for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. It is in the form of a tower made of concrete modules, each one representing a deceased worker. The higher the number, the higher the tower...If the death rate is not reduced, the Qatar World Cup Memorial could reach a height of 1.5 kilometers (nearly a mile).

    1W1P – 1Week1Project – is a collaborative effort by French architects Axel de Stampa and Sylvain Macaux, graduates of l'Ecole d'Architecture in Paris-Belleville. They challenged themselves to produce a "spontaneous architecture" per week for a year, or fifty-two projects. At this point, they have produced 25 predominately-speculative projects, from this memorial to the workers who have died (and are continuing to die) while constructing the World Cup Stadium for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar to an ephemeral installation for the interior of the Eiffel Tower that would light up every time someone used #eiffeltower on social media.

    With the Qatar World Cup Memorial, they invoke the memories of the more than 500 foreign workers who have died while constructing the Zaha Hadid-designed stadium. While Hadid has become the subject of controversy for alleged statements rejecting an architect's responsibility for conditions on their projects, 1W1P proposes a distinctly different vision of how ar...

  • Urban Land Institute releases new report about the role of Micro Units

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    New research from the Urban Land Institute suggests that micro units—typically larger than a one-car garage, but smaller than a double—have staying power as a housing type that appeals to urban dwellers in high-cost markets who are willing to trade space for improved affordability and proximity to downtown neighborhoods.

    Here's the direct link to the report The Macro View on Micro Units.

    Click here for more on the topic of Micro Units on Archinect.

  • Beyond the Grid's vision to make a Lower Manhattan neighborhood more resilient

    about 18 hours ago from

    While independent communications infrastructure, renewable energy, and resilient heating and power systems may all be major priorities in contemporary urban development, the three aren’t typically incorporated into the same project. Beyond The Grid — an ambitious plan underway in the Two Bridges neighborhood of Lower Manhattan — does just that. And the fact that the proposal has been created in this neighborhood is no accident.

  • How North Adams became "a 'company town' for art"

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    a $25.4 million state grant that, matched with upwards of $30 million in private funds, will allow the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art (MASS MoCA) to renovate another 140,000 square feet into gallery space on its 13-acre campus. While this expansion will make it the largest contemporary art museum in the U.S., MASS MoCA has also been pioneering new economic models, civic engagement strategies and urban design interventions that are relevant for museums in much larger cities.

  • Vacation resort developers help complete Hitler's vision

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    Built by the Third Reich in the run-up to World War II, the Strength Through Joy resort was a Nazi vision of tourism’s future. Happy, healthy Aryans would stay and play at the 10,000-room complex on the Baltic Sea, eating, swimming and even bowling for the Führer. Think Hitler’s Cancun. [...] a group of investors in this seaside town is now doing what the Nazis never could: realizing the site’s final stage of transformation into a vacation wonderland.


  • Living Beyond Limits; 2013 HK-SZ Biennale of Architecture/Urbanism by DOMAT community & architecture

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    Under our noses yet invisible to our eyes, there are places that we cannot enter, or from where we cannot escape. The city is a maze of social, economic and political boundaries that both unify and separate us. At a time when Hong Kong's wealth gap is widening, 1 in 5 people are now living below the poverty line; a family of four live in a house of 150 sqft. In the flow of labour, capital and time, inadequate housing is a reflection of our society. These families live in the hope of moving to public housing, but in this market-led city, will the supply of such inadequate housing ever cease?


    Project Details

    Project Name:                    Living Beyond Limits; 2013 HK-SZ Biennale of Architecture/Urbanism

    Location:                             Kwun Tong Ferry Pier, Hong Kong

    Architect:                            DOMAT community & architecture

    Team:                                   Angela Lui, Gordon Chick, Maggie Ma, Mark Kingsley, Natalie Yau, Waiman Kwok

    Initiating Organization:    Soci...

  • Overlook House by Marcus Gleysteen Architects

    about 18 hours ago from

    The Overlook House is built on and around the foundations of an original farmstead. The project is surrounded by an established neighborhood of mid-twentieth century homes. However, the site remains isolated from this context by topography, mature trees, and extensive wetlands, affording it a great level of privacy. The house “overlooks” a marsh to the west and forested wetlands to the north. The Overlook House provides ample living space for a family, with three primary bedrooms and a fourth room that can be a guest room, office or family room. The house takes full advantage of outdoor space, views, and natural light. The heart of the home is the primary living space, consisting of a large kitchen, eating and sitting area. The Overlook House is an example of contemporary design sensibilities combined with responsible material selection and financial resource management. The project is LEED certified and uses a geothermal HVAC system. 

  • Verbouwing Tuindorp by BYTR Architecten

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    Deze jaren 30 woning krijgt een uitbouw over de gehele breedte van de woning. De achtergevel is met een ranke schuifpui van 3 meter hoogte vormgegeven. Deze gevel zit op het westen waardoor er alleen in de namidddag zon binnenvalt. Om al eerder op de dag extra zonlicht toe te laten is een smalle strook van het dak in glas uitgevoerd. De opdrachtgever wilde het er niet als een serre laten uitzien, daarom is het glasdak zo gemaakt dat de pui als het ware losstaat in de ruimte. Een haard benadrukt de ruimte in functies: keuken, eetkamer en zitkamer.

  • Archinect Sessions XS: Predictions for 2015

    about 18 hours ago from

    This week, with the encroaching holiday craziness picking up steam, we're releasing a mini-version of Archinect Sessions to cap off the 2014 podcasting season. For this special XS session, Paul, Amelia, Donna and Ken make predictions for the world of architecture in 2015, and discuss our plans for the year's end. We'll return from the hiatus with a new episode airing on January 8th.

    Listen to "Archinect Sessions XS: Predictions for 2015":

    Shownotes: Keep up-to-date on the latest Archinect Sessions news by following our Archinect profile.

    Donna's tree set-up:

    Santa's address in Greenland

    Denmark's claim to the North Pole

    Sony ha...

  • Archinect's Employer of the Day - Weekly Round-Up #50

    about 22 hours ago from

    Heads up to all you job seekers and active employers. Here's our weekly batch of employers for Archinect's Employer of the Day. If you've been following the daily feature on Archinect's Facebook page, Employer of the Day is where we highlight active employers and showcase a gallery of their work.

    Check out the latest EOTD features for our 50th round-up:

    1. Peter Rose Partners (Facebook feature)
    Currently hiring: Multiple listings

    2. John Ronan Architects (Facebook feature)
    Currently hiring: Project Architect

    3. Puccini Group (Facebook feature)
    Currently hiring: Multiple listings

    4. Delson or Sherman Architects (Facebook feature)
    Currently hiring: Project Architect

    To follow Employer of the Day, like Archinect's Facebook page.

  • Archiculture, a documentary film that explores the architectural studio, premieres online

    about a day ago from

    Archiculture takes a thoughtful, yet critical look at the architectural studio. The 25-minute film offers a unique glimpse into the world of studio-based, design education through the eyes of a group of students finishing their final design projects. Interviews with leading professionals, historians and educators help create crucial dialog around the key issues faced by this unique teaching methodology and the built environment these future architects will create.

    Read our interview with filmmakers David Krantz and Ian Harris about the film, from 9 years ago (!!!) here.

  • The European Mies van der Rohe Award rounds up 420 nominated projects for 2015

    about a day ago from

    A total of 420 projects across Europe were nominated to compete for the 2015 European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture - Mies van der Rohe Award, regarded as the highest-ranking prize in European architecture for projects less than 2 years old. The biennial €60,000 prize was initiated in 1987 by the European Commission and the Barcelona City Hall to highlight recent projects that are exemplary of the prize's mission to foster design and technological innovation as well as noteworthy contributions from architects across the continent. The prize also gives an outlook of the evolving creative process of present-day architects working in Europe.

    With 420 nominees, perhaps it's still too early to predict which projects will get shortlisted and then become finalists by the end of January 2015.

    A few of the 2015 nominees include:

    Spots - a conversion of former transformation stations in Košice, Slovakia by Architektonické štúdio Atrium

    Hideg House in Kőszeg, Hungary by Béres Architect...

  • Adidas Meet & Eat by NE-AR Nixdorff Etchegorry - Architecture Research

    about a day ago from

    NE—AR  in partnership with B+G Ingenieure Bollinger und Grohmannhave unveiled their collaboration for the submission entry of the Adidas Meet & Eat competition in Herzogenaurach, Germany.

    The Meet & Eat is the connecting building between the north and south Adidas campuses.

    The design of the building is based upon the engagement of two dynamic areas. The underlying diagrammatic structure interwoven both the floor plan layout and the vertical appearance of the building. The structure of the building thus responds to its position in the centre of a further development phase of the World of Sports. It takes a forward-looking central mediating role in the transition region between the retail public areas of the south campus and the staff areas of the northern campus grounds.

    This design uses the natural topography of the site and links the accessibilities of Eat areas on the ground floor accessible with the adjacent landscape. By the permeable facade system achieves a gradual connection of...

  • Harvard's new undergraduate design program teaches "architecture as liberal art"

    about a day ago from

    These three streams—history and theory, design imagination, and the physical act of making—are the central components of the undergraduate track in architecture studies, a joint program from the Graduate School of Design (GSD) and the Faculty of Arts and Sciences’ (FAS) department of history of art and architecture. [...] The first students in the track, housed within the art-history concentration, graduated last spring.

    The Graduate School of Design at Harvard has long been revered as one of the world's top institutions, but only recently has that pedigree been extended into an undergraduate architecture program. As recently as a few years ago, there were no architecture studio courses available to Harvard undergrads – those interested in architecture would concentrate in the department of History of Art and Architecture, a liberal arts program which isn't tailored towards the 5-year accredited BArch programs of similar undergraduate institutions. But for the first time in Fall of 2012, the GSD and the Faculty of Arts and Sciences (where History of Art and Architecture is housed) opened a new, collaborative program for undergraduates. Students who enroll in this track of studies will take two studio courses in architecture, within the context of a wider-ranged liberal arts education – the foundational idea being that architectural design thinking is its own form of liberal-arts practice, and that t...

  • Al Jazeera looks at the opposition and support for Chicago's George Lucas museum

    about a day ago from

    Ash-har Quraishi reports on why some Chicagoans oppose a plan for a museum for the ‘Star Wars’ creator’s artwork

  • Heatherwick Studio showcases their multi-disciplinary design skills in the "Provocations" exhibition

    about a day ago from

    The Provocations: The Architecture and Design of Heatherwick Studio exhibition presents  the design concepts behind the span of projects that British designer Thomas Heatherwick and his London-based studio have created worldwide. Currently at the Nasher Sculpture Center in Dallas until January 4, Provocations will make its West Coast debut at the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles on February 20.

    Presented as a "jack of all trades" and organized by Hammer Museum curator Aram Moshayed, the upcoming L.A. exhibition will feature prototypes, photos, video footage, films, objects, and large-scale models.

    The exhibition will include product designs like the "Spun" chair and the Longchamps Zip Bag as well as more recognizable icons like the Olympic Cauldron and the redesigned double decker buses from the London 2012 Olympic Games.

    "Provocations" will also highlight Heatherwick's large-scale projects like the UK Pavilion at the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, the Nanyang Technological University Learning ...

  • BUREAU A's Swiss alpine cabin lets you camp out inside a boulder

    about a day ago from

    Up in the slopes of the Swiss village Verbier in the Alps, BUREAU A's "Antoine" is a little wooden cabin hidden inside a concrete rock that camouflages with its environment. Inspired by Swiss cultural elements like the literature of iconic writer Charles-Ferdinand Ramuz, hidden bunkers, and the unique experience of living in an alpine landscape, "Antoine" looks like one comfy, cool space to get away from it all — with a hint of adventure.

    BUREAU A provided more detail into their latest project:

    "The mountains have the power to call for feelings of fascination and fear at the same time. Switzerland has a strong tradition of observing the Alps, living with them, hiding inside them. The awe and the anxiety that this monumental landscape appeals is reflected in the writings of Charles-Ferdinand Ramuz, one of the most important Swiss writers. His novels, Derborence, describes the massive rock fall that covered the pastures of the valley of Lizerne in 1714. Antoine, the main character, surv...

  • Urban Design at the intersection of Development, Science and Super-Computing

    about a day ago from

    [...] Argonne scientists are taking on a challenge not usually associated with sophisticated computing: urban design. They say that for such large-scale developments, expert opinions, or even standard modeling, will no longer do. Instead, we need detailed simulations that will integrate immense amounts of data into one framework and project different scenarios for the designers to consider. Their initial prototype, called LakeSim, focuses on Chicago Lakeside.

  • U.S. in the race for 2024 Olympics, no host city picked yet

    about a day ago from

    The United States Olympic Committee board of directors unanimously approved a U.S. bid to host the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games, the USOC announced today. Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Washington, D.C., remain under consideration, with the selection of a U.S. bid city to be made in early 2015. [...] “All four cities have presented plans that are part of the long-term visions for their communities,” said USOC CEO Scott Blackmun.

  • AIA reports outlook for Architecture Billings Index "remains positive"

    about a day ago from

    Buoyed by sustained demand for apartments and condominiums, coupled with state and local governments moving ahead with delayed public projects, the Architecture Billings Index (ABI) has been positive for seven consecutive months. [...] (AIA) reported the November ABI score was 50.9, down from a mark of 53.7 in October. This score reflects a slight increase in design activity [...]. The new projects inquiry index was 58.8, following a mark of 62.7 the previous month.

  • Sunset Magazine Kicked Out of Their Beloved Cliff May-designed HQ

    about a day ago from

    In a letter to employees Wednesday, Time Inc. announced that it had sold Sunset’s serene seven-acre Menlo Park, Calif., campus of carefully designed gardens and 1950s ranch-style buildings to Embarcadero Capital Partners, a San Francisco real estate investment and management company.

    This is so sad, as it very likely means the demolition of Cliff May's beautiful and quintessentially Californian design.  I would have loved to have visited the campus.

    I can easily credit Sunset Magazine with being a major influence on my decision to become an architect: as a pre-teen I pored over their 1974 "Garden & Patio Building" book - I literally read every single word multiple times.

    My family had a subscription to the magazine, as have I for most of my adult life.  In fact, just last night I made a recipe (Corn Flour Orange Chiffon Cake) from the current issue to bring to our office holiday party.

    So sad.  California 'necters, make sure to go visit this legendary place while you still can! Info on visiting here.

  • Screen/Print #27: "Future Anterior", a champion of historic preservation

    about a day ago from

    If the job’s done right, the architecture will outlast the architect. But when building for the present and unknowable future, the past is the only reliable hint at what may come next. Future Anterior is here towards that end, to critique and analyze architectural historic preservation.

  • 2014 Digital Fabrication Lab Research Pavilion - STIK

    about 2 days ago from

    At the Advanced Design Studies’ Digital Fabrication Lab, we have been exploring methods of integrating computational design with construction processes.

    With the advancement of technology, data has become readily available and easy to produce, while material resources and traditional craft are disappearing from our contemporary life. With Japan’s declining population, skilled labor in the building sector is projected to be insufficient to maintain and produce the architecture of the future with quality that Japan is known for. Thus, our approach is to integrate Information distribution technologies with human tasks. We seek to utilize methods of human augmentation to create a dynamic system of distributed 3D printers capable of “printing” a large-scale, on-site, formwork-less structure.

    Our proposal is a network of human-driven 3D printing devices, which we call STIK (Smart Tool Integrated Konstruction). The basic component for the system is a chopstick, ‘waribashi’ which is a recycle...

  • BIG | Bjarke Ingels Group seeking Business Development Director for EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Asia) in Copenhagen, DK

    about 2 days ago from

    BIG - Bjarke Ingels Group is seeking a professional and ambitious individual to develop and foster its ties on a global scale. You will be involved in developing our market strategy, and through your work help to define BIG’s future. You will take the lead in increasing BIGs presence in Europe, Middle East and Asia by developing new client relationships, finding the right opportunities and defining a clear go-to-market strategy. The role includes great personal development potential in an international creative environment where the level of ambition is high. BIG is a partner-owned architecture company, characterized by an entrepreneurial spirit, true teamwork across expertise areas and new ways of approaching conventional tasks. We have an informal work environment where camaraderie and collegial support are highly valued and where ambition, very high work morale and dedication to being the innovators of our field unify the staff. Our firm is characterized by creativity, high energ...

  • Casa Infinita by Natura Futura Arquitectura

    about 2 days ago from

    ¨Cuando  era niña, disfrutaba mucho en la casa de hacienda de la familia, la sensación de libertad que me generaba asomarme a la ventana;  cuando vine a  vivir a la ciudad aquello  se extravió...hoy vuelvo a sentirla...¨

    Magaly Villalba, propietaria.


    -La casa  como lugar experiencial.-

    Un conflicto de sentimientos.


    El encargo se sitúa dentro de una zona residencial de orden y contexto complejo en el norte de Babahoyo, capital de la Provincia de los Ríos, Ecuador. Consiste en 5 habitaciones con su corazón entre ellas, un pequeño patio interior, y su patio frontal dando hacia la calle con su eje central, el árbol que generara  con su crecimiento una transformación proyectada en el interior y exterior. Basada su edificación en un proceso constructivo artesanal utilizando la mano de obra y materiales locales en situ, apilando mil bloques cuadrados de arcilla, madera y bloques tratados. La iluminación natural fragmentada por el muro exterior se direcciona hacia el  centro difuminándose de...

  • Aedas extends the hill and valley topology to a mixed-use development in Xuzhou, China by Aedas

    about 2 days ago from

    Located in a scenic reserve area between Yunlong Mountain and Lake, Aedas-designed Huasha Plaza is the largest development along the lake and its planning and outlook are carefully designed to minimise its impact to the surrounding environment. It is a mixed-use project comprising hotel, residential, office and retail components.

    The key design concept is to extend the hill and valley topology to the center of development to create a harmonious setting with its surrounding beautiful landscape. This is achieved by layering the building masses and creating ‘green valleys’ within the development.

    There is a canal going through the middle of the site serving as a floodway. Project Design Director Yu-chieh Chiang worked closely with the client, landscape designers and engineers to turn this floodway into a highlight of the project with a water plaza in the middle of the development.

    The natural sloping site has a five-metre height difference from south to north, allowing a design for three-...

  • The Green Pulse - SK Yee Healthy Life Centre by Ronald Lu & Partners

    about 2 days ago from

    The SK Yee Healthy Life Centre is a modest yet meaningful project. Ronald Lu & Partners (RLP) completed the architectural design, including the interior fit-out, for a rooftop addition with the construction of a lightweight 380 sq.m. structure.

    Its “lean and green” design allows the SK Yee Healthy Life Centre to provide more than just a healing environment – it also acts as a home, a garden and a playground for patients. Its quiet rooftop location offers an ambience of calmness and serenity throughout, immersing patients in nature and daylight and offering them a stress-free healing experience. It demonstrates an exceptional example of the integration of sustainable design into healthcare architecture.

    A Lean and Green Addition
    The concept is simple yet profound – the building embodies a number of green elements, beginning with its lightweight steel structure and low-carbon design features. The concept of “pulsation” informs the internal planning of the space, with each counselling roo...