Zrenjanin Airport

Zrenjanin Airport (Serbian Latin: Aerodrom Zrenjanin, Cyrillic: Аеродром 3peњaнин) (IATA: ZRE, ICAO: LYZR) is an airport in the Zrenjanin Municipality, Serbia, which replaced in 1977 old Zrenjanin Airport built 1929 in Bagljaš, and is often referred to as Ečka (after a nearby village). The airport is registered as a sports and trade airport, and used for pilot training. With reconstruction it will become an international airport.


Zrenjanin Airport is situated only 7 kilometers southeast from Zrenjanin, and east of the village Ečka on the Zrenjanin–Belgrade highway. It is 75 metres above sea level and have an area of 300 hectares.


The Germans built the airport with concrete runway (1,800 meters long and 50 meters wide - biggest in the world in that time) in 1942 during the occupation of the Banat region (where Zrenjanin is located). The airport was used by Luftwaffe to carry military attacks on Serbia during World War II. After the war the region and the airport was handed back to the Serbs. The concrete runway was destroyed by JNA in 1948 at the beginning of the Informbiro crisis and its remains are still visible.

Total airport reconstruction (in progress)
Phase 1 (mostly complete)

The first phase encompasses the building of the control tower, hangar, terminal, aircraft parking area and other essentials. The Zrenjanin City Council is currently arranging for the required €650,000 that is needed to finance the construction and give the Ečka Airport the International Airport status. The Airport will be able to host 20 aircraft at any given time.

On May 7, 2007, the Zrenjanin Airport gained the license for passenger and cargo traffic from the Civil Air Traffic Directorate.

Phase 2

The second phase is a €3 million reconstruction of the old German concrete runway parallel to the grass runway. The completion of Phase 2 will enable passenger and cargo aircraft to land and take off.

Agreement with Vizium Air

In September 2008 Austrian company Vizium Air (the general representative of Diamond Aircraft, the largest sports aircraft producer in Europe) signed an agreement with City Council of Zrenjanin that includes the construction of facilities for sports aircraft plant (opening of two production facilities), a service center and a flying school in Zrenjanin with reconstruction of concrete runway, which would employ 400 people.

The Austrian company has announced recently that it intended to buy another 15 hectares of land close to the Ečka airport and would invest EUR 30 million in the development of the aircraft industry in Serbia.

However, in early-December 2009 Vizium Air announced that the agreement has been mutually cancelled by the company and the town's administration, since it was "designed in such a way that realization would be impossible".

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