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Istanbul has been home to diverse cultures and societies for thousands of years. The city, retains its rich cosmopolitan character and captivates international attention.
The Zorlu Centre is situated on possibly the most high profile site in Istanbul, with commanding views of the city and with excellent road connections. Zorlu Land, not only the most prestigious but also the biggest land for construction in Istanbul, is opened for an international competition. 117 companies applied to the “Zorlu Center Architecture and Urban Design Competition` started in June 2007 and concluded last year (2008) by Zorlu Real Estate. 13 international architecture offices have been entitled to participate in the second stage. After the final evaluation Tabanlioglu Project is selected as the co-winner of the competition.
In conclusion , the project of Tabanlioglu and EAA Joint Venture Group is now developing the project to join as a new ring to the public domain structure of Istanbul.

The mix-use project schedules various building forms with reference to desired functions, from shopping to entertainment, to residential and accommodation facilities or senior apartments, as well as multitude of dining options, social and cultural venues. Located between the traffic roads intersections the site is easily accessible; main roads link the region to the city in all directions. The site benefits from being close to highways and has generous access for vehicles. Two main driveways assigned into the project zone, being convention hall and retail entrances. 5 underground parking levels of 250.000 sqm is planned for 5000 vehicles.

At present, the surrounding area on the city side, the hard edge of the site, is left to roads of heavy traffic and vehicles; the aim of the new establishment is to earn pedestrians an exceptional landscape on the Bosphorus direction, the soft edge.
The landscape roof is a derivation of the original topography by geometric surfaces. With reference to the topography, geometric features of the land are preserved and enhanced by dissimilar triangles forming the outer and inner surface of the shell in combination with the triangular forms of the blocks sprouting from the shell.
The shell roofs the shopping and entertainment zone as well as the convention hall; through the rips on the landscaped surface the sunken floors benefit the daylight.

The hard and soft landscape compositions of triangles interlace the landscape-roof, which is the footing of the public space, an urban terrace opening to Bosphorus. The roof of the construction becomes the floor of the Center.

Integration of divers function zones establishes a flowing continuity on and below the shell. Optimum daylight is granted in the open and semi-open shopping and leisure areas housed under the shell structure.

Overlooking the city at many angles, a grand park space, a city square is created amid the high rises emerging through the shell which covers the shopping and recreation zone, and the convention hall located beneath it. As a strong step in the modern history of the city, pedestrian walkways, shared public spaces and re-forested landscape is created by redefining the zone. Still, the necessity to define a buffer zone and its boundaries in order to protect privacy of the residents is attentively considered.
Like thehills of Istanbul actually ranging in elevation, 6 dissimilar crystalline towers with special functions and offering 360-degree panorama of the city, unite the cityscape, as well as melting in the dramatic silhouette of the Bosphorus.
Three residential blocks, a lifestyle and a convention hotel, and an office block are positioned bordering the landscaped plaza, above a sunken shopping zone with retail and entertainment facilities in addition to the convention hall situated below the two hotels.
Flanking the Bosphorus, the site is at the Coastline Front View protected zone, designated to protect the visual integrity of the World Heritage Site and to respect the unique topography of the city.

5 triplet towers framed by a glass skin are in concert create a visualization of crystal configurations.

Istanbul lacks a grand-scale event venue; one compact cultural facility is seriously needed for special performances. The convention hall serves as a cultural building and a performance venue. The 3,000-seat auditorium will be the cornerstone of the city. Minimizing built-ins provides maximum flexibility in room arrangements that allows for spaces, which work for any size meeting. Essentially designed for philharmonic concerts, the stage is planned amid the multi-layered, dynamic public gallery creating alternative perspectives, various seating options and capacities. Besides, the stage is designed adjustable according to the nature of all kinds of performances.

Built below the landscaped shell, the three-storey semi- open retail facility of the Center will be an innovative concept for the visitors to explore. The 21st century customer are better off than they have ever been; ‘It’s not about stores its about stories`. The retail story for the Zorlu Centre is that it is a sustainable, responsible and energy efficient community led retail offer, not only within its resident community but for the wider Istanbul community. We have planned the retail mall levels in such a way as to maintain an even spread of footfall throughout the development. With its 105,000 sq.m of retailing and restaurant facilities Zorlu will become a world-class retail and leisure destination and as the retail will provide for the public face of the center that fit the 21st century dynamics and requirements.

Potential land use patterns considered from an ecological perspective in addition to topological and functional references. Building infrastructure and urban development concerns solved in the framework ecological concerns.

Istanbul is in the middle of a rapid process of enthusiastic urban transformation. The project, a dynamic and impressive gateway, will redefine the experience of contemporary downtown urban living. The mix-use project with wide public spaces and grand-scale buildings, elements of urban and architectural qualities to create a 21st century modern city without compromising the outstanding universal values of Istanbul, is a landmark at the European crossing point. The existence of the property will bring meaning to its surroundings, and as a unique entity, the project will be the bridge.


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