Zocalo I Y II Residential Compound

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Zocalo I Y II Residential Compound
This residential compound is located at the North end of Santa Fe. It is formed by 350 units, a Club House, a Spa, retails and play areas. Small units with superior quality finishes and spaces are divided in town homes, executive town homes and condominiums.

The overall plan is very sensitive to the site's topography, respecting natural arroyos and ridges, giving the complex the feeling of an old “pueblo”, where you can walk through common spaces having always visual contact with nature. The main access is in the South side of the site, where the Club House, retails and mailboxes are located.

Town homes are aligned along the roads. Even though they have spectacular views, they still keep their intimacy. Cloisters are formed by small groups of executive town homes, with a common patio giving privacy. Condominiums are concentrated on the North side of the site, surrounding a park. Common and private areas are specially landscaped, leaving the rest of the site with its native vegetation. The unit mix refers to the market demand in Santa Fe.


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