Zhu Jia Jiao Cultural District Masterplan

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A Modern JiangNan Water-Town As the only well maintained historic water-town in Shanghai, Zhujiajiao is also the origin of where Shanghai began. This project site is at adjacency of the entrance into the historic water-town. This is a commissioned conceptual master plan for a local developer in seeking government’s endorsement. The master plan is asked to provide tourist retail, cultural life-style, food & beverage, various performing venues, waterfront resort & boutique hotel, and a JiangNan SOHO cluster; on a flat site of 176,425 sm. The total Gross Floor Area is 150,000 sm. above ground and 100,000 sm. in basement. To be consistent in atmosphere with the historic sector, the site coverage is at 40 to 45% and the building height is controlled at 12m in the new development. Planning Concepts The planning concept has adopted the “Ice-Crack` pattern in traditional JiangNan culture as a reference fabric for streets layout and massing formation, together with sets of three-dimensional network of people movement; the result will be a stereoscopic modern JiangNan water-town. To form a formal central open space as a people collector, opera house and a piazza are inserted there as an open cultural space in this high density community. Waterway is laid to run through and link all various zones in different parts of the master plan, it is designed to be city fabric at the bottom layer. Over the one to two stories street blocks, sky-bridges are spanning from west to east leading people into the historic sector of the water-town. Architectural Applications As controlled by the master plan on the building height and the massing form, the architecture is conceived as a series of material composition, to signify the contents within. Besides scale, sloping roof together with penthouse, and walled structure; are elements to be associated with the architectural style of the neighboring vernacular JiangNan water-town. On the major portion of the building blocks, the retail and commercial architecture is to be made out of frosted glass walls and sloping corten steel screen-roof. On the waterfront resort hotel, the blocks are built out of pre-cast masonry walls and sloping lead metal roof. And, on the JiangNan SOHO villas, they are made out of stonewalls and sloping stainless steel roof. The entire development is thought of as a setup for eventful street-life with multi-dimensional layers, modern architecture but embracing traditional vernacular values. It is also setting example of how new development could be transitional with heritage, and still in contemporary language.


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