Zamora Art Center
The Zamora Art Center is located in the province of Mexico in the city of Zamora, Michoacan. The site occupies a very significant piece of land, downtown, aside the sanctuary "Guadalupano" populary called La Inconclusa" (The Unfinished) because the construction started at the end of the XIX century and still is under construction. On the other side of the site is the City Theater built at the beginning of the XX century in neoclassical style. The main idea of the “partie` aside being a cultural building was to become a link through its urban portico for the three buildings. This was fulfilled by the elevated horizontal volume having a big cantilever which flies over the sidewalk to become an iconic mark at main street. The building is a rectangular metal structure volume 120m x 30m x 18m, with concrete slabs, with great spans (30m.). A concrete slab at ground level has 30 cm o voids rounds which are the lamps for the urban portico and for the parking. Parking is on the basement for 130 cars. The ground floor is the main urban space in which the gallery and the entrance to the Center are located in a very transparent space that links the sanctuary and the theater. Main floor 9m., above ground, is where all the classrooms for music, dance, painting, sculpture, etc. with a lobby cafeteria at the center are located. The night image of the CENART becomes a great lamp emphasizing the importance of the new cultural plaza. The center with the glass façade, the exposed metal structure, the black cement floor has become a “very polemic` building in the city.


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