Zagreb TV Tower
Zagreb TV Tower is a 169 metre (563 feet) tall TV tower built of reinforced concrete on the 1035 metre (3450 feet) tall mount Sljeme near Zagreb, Croatia. Zagreb TV Tower was built in 1973. It is not open for the public, although in a 75 metre level there is space for a foreseen tower restaurant. On September 16, 1991, during the Croatian War of Independence, the tower was a target of a Yugoslav army air attack. The guided missile hit caused significant damage to the TV equipment and temporary interruption of the broadcast. It was repaired a few years later. There are some speculations about the opening of the tower restaurant, as a part of the "Sljeme" project, which includes building of the new ski-tracks, and an extension of the cable car line.

FM Radio broadcasting 88.1 MHz HR Sljeme 89.7 MHz Antena Zagreb 92.1 MHz Hrvatski Radio 1 98.5 MHz Hrvatski Radio 2 101.0 MHz Radio 101 103.5 MHz Hrvatski katolički radio VHF/ UHF Analog television (switch-off October 5th 2010) CH 9 HTV 1 CH 25 RTL Televizija CH 28 HTV 2 CH 68 Nova TV UHF DVB-T television CH 42 MUX A : HTV 1 • HTV 2 • RTL Televizija • Nova TV CH 48 MUX B : Nova TV • RTL Televizija • Kapital Network • HTV 1 • HTV 2


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