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Set upon a steep inside Roma-Condesa on the center of Mexico’s largest metropolis will sit the New Cultural Contemporary Center. The building will serve as a nucleus of education and culture - locally, regionally, and internationally. The very strong and symbolic shape of the Z is a direct interpretation of the program’s preliminary studies, defining an optimized organizational scheme for a narrow plot. The visitors can experience the continuous circulation across their galleries from the outdoors public space into the inside exhibition halls as one. The building’s disposition feature an open plans schemes generating a free columns space liberating the structure composed of steel covered with opalescent polycarbonate panels with a low U-value. This translucent cover offers excellent daylight conditions and at night the structure appears as a glowing crystal. The building will be used for a variety of daily cultural activities such as art performances. The dynamic spaces inside allows for various activities to take place on different levels in visual contact with each other. The Volume is strong and symbolic project, where the shape works effectively for both internal spaces and external. The cantilevered form enhances the best views above the interior art spaces, while shading the more social type spaces below. Exterior and interior spaces overlap to provide the best environment possible for each function, and optimal climatic performance. Understanding that contemporary art spaces pretend to be more important than the art they contain, our proposal arises from the scheme of requirements previously studied by requirements, assuring maximum functionality in each area while focusing on the development of art projects. The balance between form, function and visual impact for this important space was created. Once the functional part was improved, we could give attention to details that make the space not only a culture enclosure, but also a building that understands its surroundings to distinguish itself and transform from a simple form to a powerful symbol, controversial, but ideal to lodge this new space.


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