Yongsan Station

Yongsan Station is a major railway station in Seoul, South Korea. It is located in Yongsan Gu, and adjoins the Yongsan Electronics Market. The station is the terminus for high-speed and long-distance trains on a number of railway lines, including most trains on the Honam Line, its high-speed counterpart, and all trains on the Janghang and Jeolla Lines.

Prior to 2004, all long-distance trains serving Seoul terminated at the nearby Seoul Station, but with the opening of the Korea Train Express (KTX), Yongsan Station took over some of Seoul's services.

Yongsan Station is also served by Seoul Subway Line 1 and the Jungang Line commuter railway.

In 2004, a major cinema opened adjacent to the station. In August 2006, the whole station building was made into a large department store, called I'Park Mall.

The building now includes the railway station, subway station, the CGV cinema and several restaurants and shops, as well as housing the first building of the Yongsan Electronics Market. There is a bridge connecting I'Park Mall and the Yongsan Electronics Market.


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