Yohji Yamamoto Boutique, Antwerp

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Yohji Yamamoto Boutique, Antwerp
Yohji Yamamoto Boutique Antwerp Located in Mode Natie, the 19th century neoclassic structure is reincarnated to a space filled with a modern tone of tranquillity white, high pillars, large shields and multiple lightening modulations. Light is the continuation of the urban environment. It’s the harmony between outside and inside. Yohji Yamamoto is a guest in Antwerp. Continuation floats between outside and inside, between the guest and the city. With the light, we can see through the window of the building. The daylight changes without stopping but your eyes don’t really adapt to the condition outside for seeing inside through the window. The space is part of the urban movement. Sound of the urban power is reflecting into the space. That’s the reason we left the door open. The deeper you enter, the more acoustic insulation absorbs the sound to an ‘old library’ silence. This is the movement between the communal of the city to the tranquillity of yourself being open for the designers work. ‘When people start trying on the clothes that is when clothing starts it life. History is only meaningful in such a community interflowing clothing and people.’ We listen to the white shields made of absorbing canvas placed at the top end of the walls, extending to the spacious male and female fitting rooms one in the front and one in the back from the wall. The fitting room is an white cocoon without doors, but yet wrapped intimately here, enjoying the sense of space given and slowly relishing the freedom of trying on the clothes. Before taking the clothes to the fitting room to personally try on, we must use our strength to take every piece of clothing, or lift up our arms and stand on our toes, or very politely bend over our waist, the display of these clothes are hanging on horizontal racks, or on display boards close to the floor, this is the best angle for appreciating Yohji Yamamoto’s clothing, and a test of the inclinations of freedom wearing Yohji Yamamoto on you. Everything is itself. Every white is the white of its material, its reflection, its sound, its tactility, its layer. Space is accepting the structure of the building. Our existence, that manifests itself in a spontaneous movement, needs a protection that provides enough space for that movement. A movement in time and space and the great beauty to give the visitor back the possibility to give meaning. I provide light, the clothes provide shadow, between the noise of the city and the silence, between the sky and the floor, between yourself and the clothes.


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