The high end office of Bulgarian real estate agency Yavlena ( was designed and completed in 2012. It has a total area of 99 sq.m. and is located on ground level on the Evlogiy Georgiev blvd in Sofia. It features a minimalistic white reception desk, set in front of a large green wall, which is easily visible from the street through the large glazed display window.

Three bespoke blue worktables are situated behind the living wall and provide workspaces for the teams with a total of 12 black Plastic Chairs by Eames. The workstations feature natural parquet walls, brightly lit by a system of wall-washers, and bespoke white powder coated suspended lights by Bulgarian manufacturer Wolfram. A small waiting lounge, comprising of three Catifa Chairs by Arper and two low tables, is located in front of the reception desk.

The back of the office features a conference room with a total of 35 Ikea chairs and two bespoke folding tables which hang from the walls when not in use. The ceiling is sound absorbing, while the carpet on the floor and on one of the walls optimise the sound comfort during conferences.

A small kitchen and toilet are situated along the corridor connecting the front and the back of the office.

Building Activity

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