Yarra Bend House
"John Wardle's Yarra Bend House maximises difficult external terrain while internally exploring light, shadow and geometry." Anna Johnson

The Yarra Bend House is located on a steeply sloping site that drops away to the Yarra River below.  Designed for a family of four, the house shows little of its spatially rich interior from the street.  As well as negotiating difficult terrain, the rectilinear geometry responds to tight set-back requirements both vertically and horizontally.  The living spaces cantilever out beyond the envelope of the house, with panoramic views of the city.  A skylight utilises a precise and invented geometry to enliven the space above the central stair, diffusing light and casting striking shadows.  
There is no direct axis or circulation path through the house, rather the journey is one of turning and reorienting to views, both within and beyond the spaces.  A subtle interplay of volume, compression and expansion creates varying degrees of seclusion.  The glass façade facing the river is in complete contrast to the private front of the house.
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