Yanbara Dam

Yanbara Dam (鷲ダム), in the Fukui prefecture of Japan, is the dam which is constructed to Nine Headed-Dragon River water system of the Nine-head Dragon River. With a gravity type arch dam design 45 metres (148 ft) tall, it is the dam for generation of electricity, forming the lower reservoir of the pumping-up hydraulic power plant, Nagano power plant, of the same company. It generates the electric power of the maximum of 220,000 kilowatts.


In 1957, as for development of electric power resources the hydroelectric power plant construction plan in Nine Head Dragon, Kawakami style sections was announced. At this point in time as for construction of the Yanbara dam of course, power generation with pumped-up water itself was not included in plan. In order to add power generation with pumped-up water in plan, the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (Ministry of Trade and Industry and the present economic industrial ministry were recommended. So it was, the dam was planned this time as a lower reservoir of power generation with pumped-up water.

Coordinates: 35°55′13″N 136°40′21″E / 35.92018611°N 136.6725278°E / 35.92018611; 136.6725278

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