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Kidosaki Architects Studio is a stimulating design studio which infuses modern and traditional Japanese aesthetic ideas into starkly contemporary buildings while maintaining the original characteristics of traditional Japanese architecture.  The Studio has unique works which combine modern and traditional while trying to keep a strong Japanese architectural identity.  The coexistence of traditional and new values exceeds the borders and creates designs of the future. Such was the example with the renovation of Y Residence in Japan, the private residence is located on a hill with a panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean.  The owner of the residence set as a prerequisite that the construction be kept within a limited budget.  Kidosaki Architects determined to bring the charm of the ocean view and integrate it into the residence as much as possible.  In this way, they are keeping the fundamentals of Japanese architecture as they bring the outside in, and create an interdependent relationship of combining the interior with the exterior and vice versa. The renovation included the construction of various spaces such as an additional living room, a bedroom and the addition of a kitchen on the terrace.  Each of the spaces which were accrued from the arrangement of the renovation were necessary for the proper function of the occupants of the house.  The construction of the additional spaces holds a structural system of steel and reinforced concrete. The entire house follows an all cool white shade which ties well with the lush surrounding environment and the ocean view.  The only color which was added to create a contrast to the white interiors is a red kitchen adjacent to the terrace to assist in holding a party on the terrace. The uninterrupted view brings the colors of the exterior environment into the house.  When all the windows of the living room are opened the terrace and the living room unite creating a spacious area with a magnificent panoramic view.  The new design of the eaves and the terrace emphasizes the horizontal view from the interior of the residence. When looking at the ocean from the addition of these spaces such as the living room and the terrace, one feels as if they are in another place and not within the former house which did not utilize the magnificent views as much as the new renovated project does.


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