The compound of Design and Development project (XS, S, M, L) is located at a quite residential area near Boston where most of housing is built in worker’s cottage or New England style. Although each unit is made of individually different materials &configuration, they are composed as a single property. To meet the extremely low construction budget and tight zoning regulations, materials and forms are born of necessity and pragmatic functionalism with low cost design. Instead of hiring contractors, we undertook our own construction to show that with the most basic building materials and skills, clever plans can make something interesting. For instance we bought many DIY books, spent hours on the internet researching affordable materials (cork flooring, Polycarbonate, plywood, left-over marble tiles), and spent weekends and nights doing most of the work ourselves. The final piece to the residential compound, XSmall, aka what the hell is this is, three rotated 16-by-22-foot boxes with four-corner-skylights, giving rooms natural light with minimum windows and maximum privacy, something that is all too important when there are four houses on just two lots, especially when the designs draw as much attention as they do. The house is finished in marine plywood, usually used in boat-building. The grain is broad and pronounced, creating the appearance of a huge piece of furniture. Each floor of XS has a different look and feel (marble on the first floor, oak plywood on the second), but all are connected by a pared-down wooden staircase that threads through the space.


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    east facade north facade second floor view from a lift during construction kitchen at the first floor view from east showing M house together dining room at the first floor floor plans view from west in-between yard next to the adjacent houses wood framing during construction XS siteplan XS diagram xs bath XS secondfl
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