Xizhimen New Business District

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Xizhimen New Business District
Xizhimen is a urban and architectural design project around the future intermodal pole gathering main lines trains towards North, elevated railway toward North Beijing, subway (line 3), bus station (18 bus lines) and a car park. The site is located at the north west of Beijing, lining the 2nd ring on the Xizhimen Neidajie Road. It belongs to a private investment firm: Beijing Huarong Investement Co. Ltd. The surface area amounts to 6 hectares (without the station), and 0.4 ha is allotted to townhall activities, 5.6 ha for office and shops development. 1.2 ha is allotted to the future Northern Beijing Railway station. The program includes the following elements: Retail services: 92,000 m² Car park: 83,000 m² Stations: 17,000 m² Office tower 1: 31,000 m² Office tower 2: 26,500 m² Office tower 3: 21,000 m² Office tower 4: 12,500 m² A total surface area of 283,000 m² The underground station located above the bus station and completed at the end of 2002, is characterized by a light metallic structure that can be seen from the 2nd ring. In the west side, three towers of 100 m outline against the sky. Their soft shape echoes the image meaning traditional “gate


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