An urban complex called Xeritown that aims to be a more sustainable mode of development than recent projects in the emirate. The development, proposed for the emerging Dubailand urban district, aims to encourage a pedestrian-orientated lifestyle and minimise energy consumption. Xeritown is located in Dubailand, a new extension of the city towards the inland desert. Instead of considering the site as a Tabula Rasa “Xeritown” takes the desert and local climate as a context within which the urban form emerges by working with the natural environment instead of against it. The project Xeritown aims are:
  • to consider environmental conditions (wind, sun, humidity) as generators of the urban form,
  • to integrate landscape, architecture and infrastructure in one system where all the parts collaborate to create a socially rich environment,
  • to consider sustainable design as an approach that permeates the entire design process, and not as simply finding technical solutions in the final phases,
  • to encourage a pedestrian-orientated lifestyle in a city which is strongly car-oriented and minimize energy consumption through active and passive means at an urban level as well as user level,
  • to conserve ecological resources like water, soil, flora and fauna to enhance the bio-diversity.


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