XBO Mobile Structure
Architects: 70ºN ArkitekturLocation: No defined locationClient: 70ºN ArkitekturConstructed Area: 36 sqmType: Experimental PrefabBuilder: Senja Elementer ASProject year: 2004Photographs: BR – Bent Raanes and Sarah Cameron Sørensen, RSB – Rune Stoltz Bertinussen, 70N – 70°N arkitektur The xbo is primarly a result of the Rotterdam based project ‘PARASITE’ (Prototypes for Advanced/ Ready-made/ Amphibious/ Small scale/ Individual/ Temporary/ Ecological houses). The idea of the xbo is to provide a mobile habitat for 2 young people on the move. The structure consists of two movable parts in sum twelve meters long, 3,2m wide and almost 3,5m high, the xbo is an attempt to…...


20 photos and 4 drawings

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