Wyckoff Exchange

10,000 square feet of dynamic, new retail space accommodate a gourmet market, wine store, and an avant garde performance art venue into a stretch of industrial Brooklyn.  With a metal exterior illuminated by LEDs, a pair of existing warehouses is merged into a subtle poetry of a building that disappears, almost. The location, with its emphasis on manufacturing grit and materials, inspires our use of industrial security gates for a façade. When the gates are down, the building fades into the Bushwick landscape. When they’re up, they fold into awnings for the space behind. In between raw concrete columns is the building’s signature: a hundred-foot-long wall of steel panels, laser-cut with a gradient of dots. The wall is comprised of two layers of steel sandwiched around a strip of white LEDs. The outer layer is COR-TEN and the inner is stainless, each one with a dot pattern cut into it. But the holes, varying from one to three inches in diameter, only line up sometimes, making the building eerily translucent from different angles. It’s dynamic perforation. At night, it isn’t really a building, just an enigmatically glowing wall.

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