Gasometer B

     The concept of the COOP HIMMELB(L)AU Gasometer B adds three new volumes to the existing facade: The cylinder inside the Gasometer, the striking addition of the shield that is visible from outside, and the multifunctional event hall situated in the base of the Gasometer.
Inside the cylinder and the shield are apartments and offices. The lighting for these inside spaces is provided by the conical inner court, and that for the outside through the historical Gasometer wall. The lighting for the shield is provided through a spacious north-oriented glass facade with loggias.
The 360 apartments offer differentiated living forms, ranging from 3-room-Maisonette-apartments and loft-apartments to smaller ones like student apartments. By combining office and apartment uses, new ways of working and living are expected. The Gasometer - separated differently for inhabitants and for visitors - can be accessed either from the outside via Guglgasse, or directly from the subway station through the connecting shopping mall. The foyer of the event hall is connected with the subway both by means of the "Night-Mall" of the Gasometer A, and directly through an entrance at Guglgasse. The "Night-Mall" also hosts common spaces, thus becoming a transit area for people arriving or leaving the event hall. The mall connects all Gasometers on the ground level. Inside the Gasometer B a spacial and functional buffer between the event hall and the apartment/office wing is created. Internal communication is thereby intensified. The "Sky-Lobby" on the 6th floor creates a social space for the inhabitants. Other remaining spaces can be used as common areas.


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