Wright Conversion
House Wright – DURBAN SA A DUAL FUNCTION CONVERSION A quaint three bed thatch cottage, nick-named swallows’ nest, was to expand to include a main bedroom, two studies’, a multi-use entertainment space and a linear art gallery. The gallery acting as a “transparency-tunnel” links the entrance driveway visually with a valley on the opposite end. Vice versa the existing “tree of imagination” is framed while descending down the valley. In having to deal with a two level municipal restriction the fluid merging (wrapping) of floor, wall & roof gave rise to a technical (institutional) grey area and our 3rd level was subsequently approved under the description of a “loft space”. Transformation, fluidity and ideas on attachment were some theoretical concepts explored. On the more subversive side the idea of a hybrid parasite and the ever present “Darth Vader” appears to have made its arrival. Stretch (existing brickwork), wrap (new steel frame), insert and tilt (new thatch plane) are verbs that describe a process followed to define a new paradigm - separate yet attached. The conclusion delivers clear comment on the complexity of transitional space - two diverse genres joined paradoxically by constructing a union while embracing a tangible tension. The apparent impossible merger is realized by introducing episodes and imports which conserve the nuances of their source and origin. They also obtain an entirely new impact founded in their composition that seems to come together by means of collage - an assembly of associations distorted to breed a new typology.


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