World Business Center (WBCB)

The groundbreaking design by Asymptote Architecture was selected as the winning project in the international design competition in January, 2007.
Asymptote’s design, a single building comprising three distinct towers, effectively questions older notions of singularity and autonomy in tall building design.
The composition was inspired by Busan's dramatic situation as a modern skyline set against a striking backdrop of mountains and sea.
The fifty-story base building negotiates both the site and city, transporting visitors upward to a sky lobby and gardens with awe-inspiring views of the surrounding city and expansive natural vistas.
It is from this vantage point that the three slender towers rise even higher, gracefully tapering upwards surrounding a spectacular central voided space and the sky gardens.
The tallest tower expresses the inherent structural elegance of the scheme as a whole, and through the entire building’s elegant, formal and sculptural manifestation, the WBCB provides Busan and Korea with a unique, symbolic architectural expression for the 21st Century.
It will be among one of the tallest buildings in Asia.


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