Woolton Picture House

Woolton Picture House(also known as the Woolton Cinema) is a privately owned cinema in the Woolton area of Liverpool, England.

It was purchased in 1992 by David Wood, the grandson of Liverpool cinema pioneer John Frederick Wood. Until September 2006 it was the only remaining single-screen cinema in the city, and was popular with cinema enthusiasts because of its old-fashioned atmosphere. Movies were still shown with an interval halfway through, during which usherettes sold ice-cream. After Wood died on 12 June 2006, the cinema closed on 3 September 2006, with a showing of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. A group of entrepreneurs then purchased the cinema with a view to maintaining screenings. The cinema re-opened on Thursday 29 March 2007 by showing the Academy Award winner 'The Queen'.


1926 - The Woolton Picture House was designed by L.A.G Prichard, a well established architect, and was built for Alfred Adams who formed the Woolton Picture House Co. Ltd. to operate the cinema.

1930 - The auditorium originally held a seating capacity of over 800, composing of several rows of wooden benches. Although during the 30's the screen was brought forward to accommodate larger speakers for an enhanced cinematic experience.

1938 - 45 - Remaining open throughout the war years, surviving the bombing raids of WW2, the cinema provided the local community a vital window to the front line, courtesy of Pathe Newsreel.

1954 - The cinema acquired a new owner and was handed to Robert Godfrey of Cheshire Country Cinemas.

1958 - The onset of a fire at the front of the screen drastically altered the cinema, almost destroying the public area of the Auditorium. The building survived but remained closed for 3 months during extensive repairs.

1992 - Woolton Picture House was re-owned by David Wood, grandson of the cinema pioneer John. F. Wood.

2006 - The sudden misfortune of the unexpected death of David Swindell the chief projectionist, followed shortly after by the death of the owner David Wood, lead to the second closure of the cinema.

2007 - Woolton Picture House was purchased by a local business man and reopened, with a full house.

2009 - Woolton Picture House become the set for the film 'Nowhere Boy', a biopic of John Lennon's adolescence and the creation of his first band The Quarrymen and its evolution into the Beatles.

2010 - The cinema celebrated the film Premier of the Blockbuster movie 'Madrasapattinam' with film stars hosting the cinema's red carpet event.

The Woolton Picture House successfully remains open showing the latest releases and classic films.

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