Woodlands Country Club
Woodlands Country Club The vision for the residential area Woodlands Country Club has been a combination of the Scandinavian simplicity and the North American wooden house architecture. The area is located in the middle of the South Swedish nature and each of the 59 houses is uniquely designed to achieve the best possible view and the best daylight conditions. Furthermore, it has been the vision to create an architecture that integrates with the landscape and creates the best possible conditions for a life in the countryside with a beautiful view of the new golf course. Today, the architecture fits in as a natural part of the landscape, thereby creating ideal conditions for staying in this new, spectacular area. The houses have the best possible view and ideal conditions for sunlight. Additionally, privacy and perfectly functional conditions have been essential for the final concept. In order to use the existing values of the landscape the houses are built on pillars. The houses thereby seem to float in the landscape, which creates a sensation floating on the slopes between the treetops. All houses are oriented to afford a unique view of the golf course and the rolling Swedish woodland. The houses are located with the best views of the area, in the same time as considering the need for privacy and best functional conditions as possible. They consist of a fundament shaped like a pipe that opens up in both house ends. Large window areas open up the interior of the house, and offer a beautiful view over the golf course and the wood area. Every house is equipped with three terraces placed with nice views and oriented towards the sun. The houses are built into the existing nature of the ground, which means that some of the terraces float in the landscape. The houses exist in three sizes, all created from the same basic house. The idea behind this is that the owners of the houses successively will be able to build out the houses in the future. FACTS Woodlands, Sweden Client: Jens Nielsen Construction period: 2007-2008 Gross floor area: 59 houses of 92, 119 and 152 m² Type of assignment: Commission


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