Woodland Trust

This new headquarters for the Woodland Trust, in Grantham, Lincolnshire houses a staff of 200 people. The building has been constructed on a greenfield site in Grantham, Lincolnshire just a few hundred metres from the Trust’s previous accommodation.

The form of the building is one of an ascending spiral which moves seamlessly from landscape to building: The higher portion of the building which accommodates the open plan work space is orientated north-south and comprises a three storey, 15m deep block situated towards the middle of the site. A wing of service and cellular space descends from the three storey volume along the western boundary culminating in a single storey bike store which encloses the central woodland glade. The form helps create an idiosyncratic and interesting building that communicates the mission and values of the Woodland Trust, whilst providing an exemplar workplace that meets BCO and institutional requirements.

The building form encloses a woodland garden which serves as an amenity space for the Woodland Trust staff to use for working and breakout from meeting rooms. The garden also serves as an arrival space for visitors, the intention being that a “woodland experience” marks the entrance to the headquarters.

This external “heart”, the woodland garden, is echoed by an internal “heart’’ comprising the reception space and the staff breakout and refectory. All floors are connected to this space by a rooflit atrium and the main accommodation stair. This internal “heart” allows the whole organisation to meet together in one space.

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