Wooden house
This small house is located in the hlls of Bologna, Italy, in a oak-tree wood of strong character and natural landscape. it is designed to achieve a building of wood, both to respect energy saving features of Clima House, and to emphasize the relationship between architecture and landscape. The structure is a mixed structure, concrete for the basement, and wooden structure for the first level, with an external thermal insulation, and a ventilated wall. The easiness of construction get a lot of benefits, especially on the site period, giving the possibility of short site period, in this case, the site has taken only four month. The building is covered with wooden panels of a gray colour that echoes the tone of the trees bark. The coating is interrupted only to make room for small holes that becomes light blades inside, and large windows that brighten the living area. The interior design is characterized by simple and neutral theme like white resin floor, just to let the sourronding nature as a single pattern and decorative element. About the configuration of the internal spaces, at the ground floor, (for a part against the ground) there's the living area facing a great window, connected to the first level by a steel staircase, painted with a white resin. The staircase becomes a furnishing as a steel slab is the tv console. The first level see the kitchen zone and a living area becoming a sleeping occasional zone. The final result has completely satisfied us, both for the relation between architecture and landscape, and for the constructive and environmental sustainability.


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