Wooden Cube
WOODEN CUBE The building as the site of the local subsidiary of a world leading battery manufacturer had to integrate a workshop for assembling lead-acid batteries and chargers, a charging room, ware-houses for the components and for the ready products, offices for the management and for the sales staff and rooms for the necessary additional functions. According to the builder’s wish the building had to express the market leader position and the quality commitment of the company. Shaping of the building To give a coherent view to the building it was formed as a simple wooden cube cut in two by a claret-coloured concrete blade. The white stairs suspended on steel cables guide the customers directly to the upper floor. The wine-red concrete wall runs lengthwise through the house splitting the space and the functions. Light The light is significant architectural factor in this building. The offices on the first floor got windows from the floor up to the ceiling. A roof-light running together with the concrete blade brings light in the interior of the building. The internal glass doors let the light to get to everywhere. On the representative upper floor the claret wall ends in a roof-terrace. This roof-garden is bordered on both sides by a green fretwork of steel and wild vine. The meeting room „floating` over the roof-garden is formed by alternating metal and glass frames. The glass segments of the floor lift the garden on the level of the room. Facade and interior The relation of the dark wooden and the white limestone outside wall coverings appears in an inverse variation as inside flooring. The dark-coloured furnitures designed in complience with the style of the building have a characteristic look in the white interior. The blade-wall is the only component, which should like to shake up the viewer by the archtectural roll of it in shaping the building and by the wine-red colour. This building would like to step out of the „metall-box` like world of the industrial architecture. Manufacturing space The workshop, the charging room, the component-store, the warehouse of the ready products, the dressing rooms and the lavatories are on the ground floor. All these rooms have to suit the strict and special technological requirements (e.g. acid resistant floor and wall covering, special airing, power supply etc.)


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