Wolvesey Castle
Wolvesey Castle is a ruined castle in Winchester, Hampshire, England. It was erected by the Bishop of Winchester Henry of Blois between 1130 and 1140. The castle was the scene for the Rout of Winchester in which the Empress Matilda assaulted the Bishop Henry in 1141, during a period known as The Anarchy. The besieged defenders of Wolvesey set fire to the city, destroying most of the old town of Winchester and holding off Empress Matilda's forces until King Stephen's wife, Queen Matilda, arrived with re-enforcements from London. It was once a very important building, and was the location on July 25, 1554 of the wedding breakfast of Queen Mary and Philip II of Spain. The castle was destroyed by Roundheads during the English Civil War in 1646. It is currently owned by English Heritage. The chapel is the only considerable remnant of the south range of the castle, and is still in use, being attached to the palace built by Bishop Morley in 1684, which is now the residence of the Bishop of Winchester.