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Wind touches the roof and changes direction: Wind (after being cooled by water) blows into the interior space and the changing of wind direction over the roofs: 1. Energy: The working energy: Use wind energy and cool-water to make natural air-conditioner system. This system also spends less on buying air conditioner and save money for working air conditioner, don’t use electric energy. The building energy: When the project was built, it wasn’t used energy because of rich natural material-bamboo. So, energy for building is less. The disintegrating energy: By using bamboo, work spend the least energy on reducing, also don’t effect to the environment (because bamboo will be disintegrated). 2. Traditional architecture: Use traditional material, which was friendly with Vietnamese (bamboo, small bamboo), on the other hand, it also makes an architectural space which is both traditional and friendly with modern lifestyle. The bamboo growth fast with quantity, about 5 years we can harvest. Consequently, the cost for construct reduces- following the cheap price of its product. With traditional method all processes as soaking, marshy, smoking out, bamboo was ensured many aspects about aesthetic, ecology and low price. The building will be sustainable because of treating and property bamboo. 3. Structure: The project used almost bamboo material and a little steel building component to give an opened space. The V-roof which was united by more thousands bamboo made a firm plane. It was hung up to make up clear space and large span (the largest is 12 meters). 4. Economic: We didn’t investment on air conditional energy + cheap bamboo price 10 000 vnd/ tree. For this reason, total investment was 1 500 000 000 vnd for 1 403 m2 (1 070 000 vnd/ m2), means 93 750 usd for 1 403 m2. 5. Social: In a modern society, a building which used local material and opened- space bring out comfortable felling, friendliness with natural and especial impress as a gift from designers to a busy place as BinhDuong city. 6. Project scope: Site area: 3720m2 Built-up area: 1200m2 Landscaped area: 2520m2


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