Wisconsin Point Lighthouse

The Wisconsin Point Light is a lighthouse located near Superior, on Wisconsin Point, in Douglas County, Wisconsin.

The light and attached fog horn building sits within a 10-mile (16 km) long sand bar – stretching between the ports of Duluth and Superior. This sand bar makes the Duluth-Superior Harbor, one of the safest harbors in the world. It is "eputedly the longest freshwater sand bar in the world" and is split by this opening near its center, where the lighthouse is located. The Minnesota side of the opening is known as "Minnesota Point" and the Wisconsin side is known as "Wisconsin Point."


The original Fresnel lens was manufactured by Sautter, Lemonnier, and Company of Paris in 1890. It was replaced with a DCB-224 aero beacon manufactured by the Carlisle & Finch Company.

It is an active navigational aid and is known as the South Breakwater Light by the United States Coast Guard in the Volume VII light list and the United States Geological Survey Geographic Names Information System.

It is located on the southern Superior Harbor entry breakwall. The St. Louis River which starts in Minnesota, flows into Superior Bay and exits into Lake Superior via the ship canals, at each end of (Park Point) Minnesota Point.

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