WINGS As you approach this house from the gently winding road and rolling hills, you discover a tranquil blue watered lake. As you get closer, a hovering WING like shape fills the landscape. Now you realize that this white double plane is actually a home! From the very first glance to the deepest investigation, all aspects of the home are perfectly thought-out and uniquely designed. Once the privacy screens have been traversed, openness and transparency are the main features. The collaboration of the reinforced concrete and glass, accentuates the feeling and actuality of lightness and strength. The WINGED shaped roof, starting at just 4 ½ feet high at the entrance, to reach over 26 feet, is used as a covered entry. Its incline and mass are imminently perceptible from that outside point and gives a feeling of proximity and vastness, all at the same time. As you enter the house, a staircase creates the area and separates the foyer from the rest of the house. A concrete square with a circular opening allows the stairs to be seen as light and transparent but also solid and sturdy, like the rest of the house. As you are drawn into the living room by the ever-rising ceiling, you are greeted to the incredible views of the lake through a large glass system and its far off horizon. The house sits slightly slanted compared to the lot, allowing for the most dramatic views, from anywhere in the house, of the lake through its widest points. . The study, which is open onto the living area, is easily concealed for privacy with sliding panels that close. Nowhere do the interior partition rise to the ceiling, leaving the roof exposed uninterrupted. Even the kitchen and guest room have water views through an intricate glass grid system mirroring the entrance wall. The kitchen is off to the side allowing for privacy but close to the dinning room for practicality. The dining room is only partially enclosed to keep the feeling of openness by the see through stairs on one side and sliding down panels on the other, which allow for the open views onto the living areas and the lake. The pantry, powder-room and guest bedroom are also set to the side for the same reasons of practicality and privacy. As you climb the stairs and arrive at the second floor walkway, the sky opens up to you. The giant WING continues its upward lift, giving way to the incredible views of the sky and overhang and feeling of continuity and transparency: elevated picture windows in bedrooms and transoms above the interior partitions allow the view of the outside portions of the roof uninterrupted from anywhere inside the house. The master bedroom, which sits half on top of the kitchen and half over the outside, also has superb views of the lake from all sides and creates an over-hang for the kitchen below. The oversized room encompasses a large walk-in closet and master bath, which is also overlooking the lake. The second and third bedrooms, with lake views, are nestled back from the master bedroom, near the stairs landing, for continued privacy and practicality. This house, which has been architected with simplicity in mind, aims at being perceived from inside and out in its unity and continuity of design. As a bonus, the natural environment and surroundings are enhanced.


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