Wing of Glory

The structure doesn’t just stand somewhere in the middle of the square like an alien object. It rather seeks to establish a strong and coherent link with the structuring spine and main landmark of the site, the Arcos de Lapa. The The aqueduct physically supports the structure, but also shelters its various spaces and even defines its initial profile. The wing profile stems from the regular, semi-circular arches shapes and then evolves freely as it gets further from the aqueduct.

The wing itself is made of an inflated fabric membrane supported by a light tubular aluminium frame  in order to cause minimal stress and impact on the aqueduct pillars. It offers a generous shaded surface totalling more than 400 m2. All of the functional spaces are housed in boxes that slide between the arches. Instead of installing a traditional large screen, the membrane itself acts as a projection screen, offering a large viewing area in its central part. At night the whole membrane glows with a soft white light.

Descriptiob by Mekene Architecture


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