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The dynamics of line and surface define the templates that create architecture and organisations. In the making of form it is not only shape that counts but the rules and interior logic by which such contours are derived.

We wanted to build from first principles and our own prescriptions of form based on interior dynamics that grow they own logic. The approach is to accept as irreducible the notion of complexity; a holistic view, one that is different from the traditional methods of drawing sections and plans and then extruding or patching them to make buildings. A form is not only a building but can be viewed as structure or sculpture-any organisation that interrogates space in new ways. How to integrate a 100 m high building in a nature park context? The question push us to work in organic field with an idea to create a living organism. What in the same time helps to avoid a boring museum as a box and get a museum generated by organic organism. External and internal volumes were connected with great number of capillaries. The system of capillaries helps to avoid a direct light in exhibition spaces, and in the same time permits to visitors to observe city or park on 360 degrees.

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