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Stobi Winery is one of the more recent wineries in the Republic of Macedonia. It is located in the central part of Macedonia in the vicinity of the famous archaeological site Stobi, right off the M1 motorway. This region has the largest vineyard plantations in the country, renowned for their quality and the aromatic grapes this geographical region is characteristic for. Wine production is exclusively based on the winery’s own grape plantations that can be found near the complex. The winery’s annual wine capacity amounts to 6 million litres.

The winery’s geometric module covers an area of 15.400m2, 7000 m2 of which belong to the area under the buildings and 8.400m2 belong to green areas. It consists of three continuously connected units, which due to the natural topographical characteristics of the terrain, the need for various traffic accesses and the full use of the location are arranged perimetrally, forming a linear U-shape. 

This complex comprises eight structural and space modules, functional units perimetrally organized around the central courtyard. The spatial and structural organization of the specific space modules makes this building particularly compact in terms of functionality and shape. Linear configuration is employed for the purposes of keeping the openness of the complex, its integration with the surrounding nature, creating a spacious open green area in the central part and insulating each unit. The total area on all levels amounts to around 9000m ². Each structural unit is in a ratio of 1:1 (24m x 24m) and a ratio of 1:1,618 (24m x 38,80m – golden section, which has been implemented throughout the whole building as a basic ratio). The fourth side of the building is open and is overlooking the river Vardar.There are two control units on the fringes of the location.

Both of the parallel units are equipped with grape processing technology, bottling lines and warehouses. The central part, i.e. the barrique is designed to store wine in barrels and has a tasting room. Above the barrique there is a terrace which is integrated with the ground level. Between both parallel volumes there are open communications, stairs, which connect the inner central yard with the ground level around the building. The internal connectedness among all functional modules enables communication from the initial stage of grape processing to the bottling of the finished wine. In the bottling line section there are additional worker rooms and quality testing laboratories. The control room is also located here, and this is the place from where the whole production process is being controlled, starting from the stage of grape processing to the bottling stage.     

Due to an ever growing interest in visits to the wineries in our country and for the purposes of promoting the Wine Road campaign, visitors can enter the barrique, the enoteca and the wine shop directly from the internal courtyard. The administrative part is separated from the complex, but is within the framework of the basic geometric module. Apart from the administrative functions, the ground floor also boasts a small restaurant, a bar, and a wine and wine accessories shop.  

The basic structure of the winery consists of reinforced concrete pillars connected to concrete roof beams with a 24-metre span. The roof structure is made out of aluminum sheet metal. Wooden elements are used for the internal finishing treatment. The winery’s walls are made from ceramic blocks, whereas the external layer of the concrete substructure is covered with a contact façade from the firm STO. The use of a double ventilated façade ensures the building’s good thermal characteristics, which are important for wine production.   
Due to the warm and dry climate, the building is designed without openings, with the exception of the bottling lines area. The façade treatment involves the use of bright and warm colors that are characteristic of the surrounding nature of the winery.

This building is open to "everyone".  Wine tourism and production are developed separately without the disruption of the technological process. A 35-meter triangular tower is envisaged as the next step. At the highest level it will implement a restaurant overlooking the magnificent view of the surrounding landscape, the river Vardar and the archaeological site Stobi.


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