CHATEAU KALPAK WINERY SARKOY TEKIRDAG TURKEY The design is planned for wine production, in the grape production zone of Tekirdag, Sarkoy village in Turkey. This is an old grapes production village of the farmers’ town, of the area. Practically the social life of the town is similar to fishermen and farmers towns of the old times. 1. Functional Design for Production The design aims to contribute a better understanding and philosophy of their daily life farming production. The requirements of the essential functions of the treatment for wine production are evaluated in detail. The general floor heights and sheltering the floors are related to the needs of the owner of the vinery. 2. Structural Needs for the Design The area is in the earthquake zone of Turkey. Taking into consideration this important issue, the stability of the buildings are the major influences in the design of the Project. The production area requires high and large spaces. These two priorities, affects development of the design and forms the final building. 3. High Quality Production, in Aesthetic Building Environment The main aim of the production is to produce the best wine. To obtain this final result, it is a long term struggle with personal care, using the improvised physical situations created by the season’s climate. This fine tuning work should be done under aesthetically well designed spaces. This will affect very much, the psychological mood of the working staff of the team, during this physical activity. The aesthetically designed environment will create, more appreciated working areas, but in the meantime these spaces will answer physical needs of the wine production for the ideal ventilation humidity and temperature of the environment. As a result, this adventure of high quality wine production needs affective work, close care during the working process, depending on climatic benefits but mainly, requests architecturally and aesthetically appreciated spaces. 4. Relations with Natural Environment The locations of the buildings are on top of the slope of the area near to the peak of the landscape. Climatic environment is ideal for wine production with its wind, climatic differences between seasons. This air ventilation created beautiful forests and green landscape around the vineyard area. Hyperbolic slopes give a dynamic landscape view with the trees in the construction site. The designs of the two buildings are located according to this orientation with the existing vineyard gardens planned with maximum care evaluating the physical character of the vine soil. The architecture of the buildings aims to be a reference point of the grape valleys, easily seen from long distances, creating a landmark, for the wine. One of the buildings is a wine tasting and marketing building of one floor with the basement for fine wine production, with fermentation and barrels storage. Second building is bigger with wine production basement with family house and wine tasting spaces in ground floor. Both buildings are one floor hidden between the rich landscape of the vineyards. Architecturally, birds flying wing shape roofs are the contrast to the slope of the hills of the landscape, giving the impression roofs ready to fly with happiness. Vineyards are mainly located on the areas of the land with the most productive locations. Some parts are left natural. There is an area planned for guesthouses for eventual development of tasting tourism of wine. Some part of the land is left next to the forest for travel routes of the birds. Artificial lake is created for birds for their need of water during their long continental trips. Some wood cottages are designed for birds’ observation for children and Natural Environment Protection Associations. This natural park is ecologically protects the damage of the birds to the grapes and vineyards. The selection of the trees will be carefully done and enriched with white berry or mulberry. This ecological park is situated next to the Club Hotels, spa and training for anti aging treatment. In the site plan landscape is elevated with a small hill of 3m hiding the energy panels of solar energy. In the same location, wind propellers create energy saving during active wind breezes. 5. Architectural Character of the Design The owner of the land wishes to live 24 hours in this wine production. Mainly wine production process continues in basement floor with the circulation of the farm with the circulation of the farm with its workers, equipment and grapes. All facilities needed as lockers, laboratory, office and bottling spaces are planned in this floor. Kitchen service, tasting halls, lounge and exhibition areas are located in ground floor. Two buildings vary in functions. Second building, besides tasting areas and production, is also the farm house for the owner to give him opportunity to live with his wine process day and night. Buildings have landscape observations towers as a tasting tower appreciating the sunset, full moon and the Sea of Marmara view extending beautifully on the landscape of the area. These two buildings will be the trade mark of the quality of wine produced in this area, becoming a dominant statue for the environment to be a social leader to encourage the farmers to develop their productions.


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