Wine Museum

Located in Bollullos Par del Condado Spain, this multifunctional building commissioned by the County Council of Huelva aims to engage in the revitalisation of the region’s wine sector.
The eccentric extension completed by Pablo Romero Arquitectos seems to candidly redefine the relationship between a piece of contemporary architecture and its incongruous surroundings. Lying on the edge of a city characterised by an old and slightly discordant urban fabric, the ambitious project has been developed on a rectangular lot enclosed by three wine cellar warehouses.
The architects assert that the suggestive lines and the sculptural effect of the museum fully embody the main design strategy by which they intended to create a unique landmark able to convey a powerful image.
Pablo Romero Arquitectos gracefully managed to avoid any conflict that may occur between these aesthetic-oriented design guidelines and other relevant principles, such as functionality, economy and durability.
The plan ensures that the experience of visitors is continuous yet very dynamic. The building’s programme suggests that circulation and connection problems - which arise only too often in expansion projects - have been carefully considered.
The recurring analogies with the traditional process of wine making are fairly straightforward, especially when looking at the materials used for this project. The numerous displayed elements in wood, concrete, stainless steel and glass clearly indicate this.
The unconventional façades were designed according to a prospective itinerary which sees the visitors meandering through the entire project, just as they would in a vineyard or among barrels, fermentation tanks and bottles. The combination of the structural concrete rhomboid mesh along with the coloured glass panels allow for a lively and compelling reading, when viewed from both inside and outside the building.
The Wine Museum in Huelva appears by all means as a technical accomplishment but its morphological coherence within the complex urban fabric remains what is really fascinating about it.


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