Wills Hall
Wills Hall is one of the nine halls of residence in the University of Bristol. Cresting the Stoke Bishop site on the edge of the Bristol Downs, in Parry's Lane, it houses 340 students in two quadrangles. The majority of these students are in their first year of study, but a number of students from other years stay on to contribute to hall life through the Junior Common Room or other groups.

The name of Wills Hall reflects the university-wide connection with the Wills family. The fortune made by their famous tobacco empire, W. D. & H. O. Wills and later Imperial Tobacco, enabled Henry Overton Wills III to fund the University's foundation in 1908 with a pledge of £100,000 and many of its finest buildings, such as the Wills Memorial Building. His son George Alfred Wills provided the money to build a hall of residence in memory of his brother Henry Herbert Wills. He originally planned to base the hall around Goldney Hall in Clifton, next to the existing hall of Clifton Hill House. However, the warden of the all-female Clifton Hill House felt that having so many young men so close to "her girls" would be a grave moral risk, and demanded that the new hall be sited at least two miles away. Thus Downside House in Stoke Bishop was purchased, and a quadrangle of accommodation blocks erected around it according to the design of Sir George Oatley. It has been designated by English Heritage as a grade II listed building. A Latin inscription on the exterior of the dining hall dedicated the hall to Henry Herbert. Wills Hall was officially opened by Winston Churchill in 1929, then the Chancellor of the University. When he returned to open Churchill Hall in the late 1950s, he allowed himself to be "kidnapped" and his release was allowed only after he signed the following statement, now displayed in the Warden's Lodge at Wills: "I Winston Spencer Churchill MP, CH Chancellor of the University of Bristol, Declare there be no Finer Hostel than Wills Hall among the Universities of the British Empire". The initial quadrangle sufficed until rising student numbers precipitated the building of a further accommodation block, 'XYZ', which was opened in 1961. Another expansion in 1990 completed this 'New Quad' as 'UVW' block was built. This new block featured en-suite rooms and a conference centre, in an effort to make Wills more competitive as a venue for the conference market, which was becoming an important source of revenue for cash-strapped universities. Having initially been an all-male institution, Wills became the last hall to accept both sexes in 1985, despite opposition from the more 'traditionalist' wing of the Wills Hall Association. In that first year, seventy women took up residence alongside 200 men, but over the next few years female numbers quickly rose, and Wills today is equally split between the sexes. However, due to the shared bathroom facilities, staircases in old quad and floors in XYZ blocks are single-sex.

Over the main entrance to Wills Hall can be seen a shield emblazoned with the Wills family crest and their motto " Pro Aris et Focis". This Latin phrase literally means "for our altars and our hearths", but is used by ancient authors to express attachment to all that was most dear and venerable. It could be more idiomatically translated as "for our homes".

Warden and Deputy Warden
The Warden of Wills Hall is Professor Julian Rivers, Professor of Jurisprudence in the School of Law. Professor Rivers is a leading expert in the field of legal and constitutional theory, with a particular research interest in the interplay between law and religion. There is also a deputy warden.

The Monica Wills Chapel was opened in 1930 and holds a short informal service for students from the Stoke Bishop halls each Sunday morning during term-time. It is occasionally used to stage plays and concerts. The Wills Hall Association, former members of Wills Hall, has recently presented Wills with an eleven stop two manual pipe organ as a present to commemorate the seventy-fifth anniversary of the Hall. The organ was built by Peter Collins in 1983 when it was installed in St. Alban's Abbey for the International Organ Festival. It was then moved to the Christian Science Church in Clifton until its closure in 2007. The inaugural recital on the organ was given by David Bednall on 1st November 2008. Wills Hall has an oak-panelled dining room, often likened to that of an Oxbridge college. There are also tennis and squash courts which the Hall shares with the rest of the halls on the Stoke Bishop Site, a croquet lawn, table tennis room, and an oak-panelled snooker room which dates back to the original Downside House. The Wills Hall Ball takes place in June of each year.

A major part of hall life for all students is the Junior Common Room, the president of which is currently Sophie Swinhoe.

The Hall has a theatrical society, the Wills Hall Amateur Theatrical Society (WHATS) which performs musicals, plays and variety shows for the students. Wills Hall is also the only hall in Stoke Bishop to publish its own newsletter, The Executor, which is edited by students in hall and is published several times a year. This itself is the successor to the Wills Hall Loo Sheet, a newsletter which got its name from the fact that it was distributed by being posted in all communal lavatories around the hall. Former members of Hall can join The Wills Hall Association, which has been running since 1930. The Association holds a large annual reunion in Bristol every summer in July when former members return for a reception on the Warden's lawn followed by dinner in Hall with a guest speaker. On Saturday, 4th July 2009 the guest of honour is Bob Marshall-Andrews QC MP, parliamentarian and wit. The Association organises an annual lecture or recital and a well attended service in the Chapel. The Association also holds a popular reception in London which attracts members who live in London and the South East. The Association produces a Yearbook and a Newsletter for its growing membership which comes from every era of those who enjoyed Wills Hall from the 1930s to the present. Wills Hall RFC takes part in the Intramural rugby tournament organised by Bristol University AU. The 2006-7 season was one of the worst on record, with Wills Hall RFC not winning a single game. The 2007-8 season, under captains Rhys Beynon-Thomas and Luke Falconer, was much more successful, with a large squad looking to make the play-offs at the end of the season.

Wills Hall and classism
In 2003, as part of the national controversy surrounding claims that British universities were discriminating in favour of public school applicants, The Observer ran an article purporting to highlight class-strife and prejudice in Wills. Letters in reply followed the next week vigorously defending Wills.

Mini incident
In 2008 a Harrow educated undergraduate at Wills Hall crashed a relatively new Mini Cooper in the grounds of the hall, while intoxicated.

Notable former students
  • James Blunt, musician
  • Stephen Williams M.P. ( Liberal Democrats)
  • Derren Brown, famous illusionist
  • Bob Marshall-Andrews Q.C., M.P., ( Labour)
  • Sir Liam Donaldson, Chief Medical Officer for England
  • The Lord Chilver of Cranfield FRS, Engineer and former Vice-Chancellor
  • Professor David Rhind FRS, FBA, Geographer, Non-Executive Director Bank of England and former Vice-Chancellor.

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