William Bull III House

The Brick Castle of William Bull III, an early settler of the region, is located on a hill overlooking the Wallkill River in the Town of Wallkill in Orange County, New York. It was built by Bull sometime in the 1780s. Bull and his son William IV, on returning home from serving with Gen. George Washington's campaign against the British, had been impressed with the buildings of Baltimore and other Atlantic seaports visited during his military service. The title of 'Brick Castle,' is shared among a few early brick homes constructed in the area around the same time. Bull, himself a stonemason by trade, decided upon arriving home to build a brick homestead. He is also known for having constructed Gen. Washington's headquarters at Newburgh, NY.

Most of the materials for Brick Castle were taken from the land around the farm, including the clay. Ostensibly the brick kilns were built on site, however, remains have to yet to be recovered. A New York State Historical Register sign on the site states that the building was constructed "for a price of $800.00." This statement has never been historically verified, nor are we certain as to what construction costs actually covered. The original homestead was a timber cabin with stone foundations. No portions of the original structure are visible presently. William Bull's descendants were dairy farmers, and the property was maintained as a dairy farm until 1964. Only one other historic structure, an 1830's carriage house, remains on the property. The other outbuildings were destroyed in by fire in 1964. Six generations of the family have lived there and it remains a private residence for Bull's descendants today. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1974.

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