Whitley Bay Ice Rink
The Whitley Bay Ice Rink is an ice rink in Whitley Bay, Tyne and Wear, England and is the home of the Whitley Warriors ice hockey team. An additional team to play out of the ice rink is the Newcastle Vipers. It is the only permanent public ice rink in the north east of England and has a ten-pin bowling centre in the area upstairs. It was also the region's premier concert venue, until the Newcastle Arena (now Metro Radio Arena) opened in 1995. The WWE then WWF held three wrestling house show's here in 1993 with wrestlers such as The Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, Randy Savage, Razor Ramon, Diesel, Ted Dibiase and Yokozuna appearing. As with concerts the WWE now does all of its Newcastle shows in the larger Metro Radio Arena. In 2005, the ice rink was used to film BBC sitcom Thin Ice. Even though the series was set in Derby, Whitley Bay Ice Rink was chosen because the production company had used the venue on numerous occasions in the past. Although reference is made to Whitley Bay as the host of the British Championships in the programme, no mention is made in the credits. In 2006, the ice rink was criticized by local authorities after demonstrating exceedingly poor fire regulations when a blaze was discovered . Skaters continued on the ice whilst the fire escalated. 2008 saw the rink undertake several improvements, such as new barriers and plexi glass and bench doors for hockey players. Elite Ice Hockey is now played out of Whitley Bay ice rink as the Newcastle Vipers play their remaining home games out of Whitley Bay ice rink due to the Metro Radio arena not participating in holding sports events any more in the city's arena. Whitley Bay ice rink is home to a number of ice hockey teams, including Junior: Mischiefs, Arrows, Mohawks, Tomahawks, Braves, Girls: Squaws Men: Whitley Warriors Recreational: Newcastle Predators, Newcastle Coyotes, Whitley Bay Islanders, Whitley Wildcats, University: Northumbria Flames, Newcastle Wildcats, Additional: Newcastle Vipers