WhiteWater World
WhiteWater World is a water park situated adjacent to the Dreamworld theme park, in the suburb of Coomera, on the Gold Coast, Australia. Both parks are owned and operated by Ardent Leisure. After years of planning and a year of construction, WhiteWater World opened to the public on 8 December 2006. A$56 million was invested in eight attractions themed to the Australian beach culture. Since then, the park has invested in two additional attractions. Since opening, attendance at the park has consistently been above expectations.


During 2004, planning began for a world-class water park to be located next to Dreamworld. Dreamworld's Chief Executive Officer, Stephen Gregg, and General Manager of Special Projects, Bob Tan, started with trips around the world to discover the most thrilling and cutting-edge water rides available. Tan stated that "the drawing board for the new park was a restaurant napkin in a little cafe in the US". On 28 November 2005, Macquarie Leisure (since renamed to Ardent Leisure) announced the investment of A$56 million into a world class water park to be located adjacent to Dreamworld. The announcement gave very few details about the water park which was referred to as the Dreamworld Water Park. Construction began shortly after the announcement with the existing Dreamworld car park redesigned to allow for not only more cars, but the addition of a water park in the southern portion of it. Actual construction of the water park began in January 2006. In June two out of the three slide towers were complete with several slides in the early phases of construction. One month later, several attractions were slowly announced by the park with others being speculated upon. Some of the attractions were nearing completion in September. By October, all of the attractions were known to the public. WhiteWater World opened three weeks ahead of schedule on 8 December 2006 after a week of previews. Eight attractions opened on opening day including The Green Room, The Rip, Super Tubes Hydrocoaster, The BRO, The Temple of Huey, Nickelodeon's Pipeline Plunge, Wiggle Bay and the Cave of Waves. At this time, the park featured many Australian and world firsts: The Rip and Super Tubes Hydrocoaster were both Australian firsts, The BRO was a world first and The Green Room was Australia's biggest Tornado slide. After six months of operation Ardent Leisure announced that WhiteWater World attracted 247,360 visitors, producing revenue of A$8.7 million and a profit of A$4 million. The water park is currently ranked as one of the most water efficient parks in the world due to its sustainable water management and environmentally friendly technology.

In the first 24 days of operation to 31 December 2006, WhiteWater World performed above expectation with over 23,000 guests going to the park. WhiteWater World continued to exceed Ardent Leisure's expectations during its first year of operation. The first year saw 493,227 guests enter the park exceeding the 450,000 estimate. This helped the park generate over A$8.4 million in revenue. The park has continued to perform well in the years since. In August 2010, Ardent Leisure, the owners of WhiteWater World, released their financial results detailing a decline in revenue and profits for their theme park division which includes Dreamworld and QDeck. It also states that a "capital expenditure plan" has been endorsed which will "strengthen ride inventory and consumer appeal".

In September 2007, the park added two attractions. The first was The Little Rippers (a set of ProSlide Cannon Bowls) while the second was The Shell (an events venue). Just one month later, in October 2007, WhiteWater World submitted a development application to the Gold Coast City Council in an attempt to receive approval to extend the water park. The main feature of the application was a 25-metre (82 ft) tall tower featuring three new water slides. The proposed slides were all manufactured by ProSlide, including two Mammoth Slides, and a Tornado Alley. In addition to the slide tower, the expansion proposal featured a lazy river (featuring a "wave channel") as well as a large water play area. After two years the application was approved by the council. WhiteWater World have not yet proceeded with the expansion citing the financial crisis of 2007-2010 as a reason for delay. In December 2009, it was reported that WhiteWater World would add a White Water West AquaLoop. However its competitor, Wet'n'Wild Water World, entered into an exclusivity agreement with the manufacturer to ensure WhiteWater World did not receive one. Three months later in February 2010, it was announced that WhiteWater World were going to build an alternative attraction built by ProSlide before the start of the April school holidays. At opening, The Wedgie was the first ride in Australia to feature a trap door release.

WhiteWater World features several water slide attractions, a large wave pool, as well as separate children and toddler areas. There are also food and drink outlets, retail stores, a surf school, a function area as well as numerous shaded areas to sit down and relax. The park features three water slide towers each featuring a collection of slides grouped by the level of thrill. The park also features three smaller, family-oriented attractions separate from the towers. Upon entering the water park the first slide tower guests will see features the park's main thrill slides. The Wedgie is a ProSlide SuperLOOP. The Wedgie is a body slide featuring a near-vertical 17-metre (56 ft) drop before entering a fast downward spiralling turn. The Green Room is a four person cloverleaf tube ProSlide Tornado attraction. The ride consists of a 75-metre (246 ft) long tunnel followed closely by a near 20-metre (66 ft) drop into the funnel. At opening, it was Australia's largest ProSlide Tornado. The third and final attraction on the tower is the Super Tubes Hydrocoaster. It is a three person ProSlide 'Rocket Slide'. At the time of opening, it was the second LIM-powered water slide in the world and Australia's only water coaster. The second slide tower features two rides with more moderate thrill ratings. The Rip is a ProSlide "Behemoth Bowl" slide where riders hop into a four person cloverleaf tube and are spun around a large bowl before exiting through the centre. At opening, it was the first of its kind in Australia. The Blue Ringed Octopus (BRO) is a ProSlide 'Octopus Racer' consisting of eight 120-metre (390 ft) long lanes. At opening it was the largest of its type in the world and the first in Australia. Riders slide down head first from 16 metres (52 ft) in the air for 24 seconds, reaching speeds of up to 50 kilometres per hour (31 mph). The ride has a capacity of 1000 riders per hour. The third and final slide tower contains five slides designed for those who desire a more mild thrill. Some of the slides on this tower interact with Dreamworld's Cyclone roller coaster. The Little Rippers are two ProSlide duelling cannon bowl slides. The slides can accommodate guests riding in either one or two person tubes. The other three slides are collectively known as The Temple Of Huey. Similar to the other rides on this tower, guests can ride in a single or double tube. All three slides are manufactured by ProSlide. Broken Headz, Cut Snake and Screamin Right Handers are 99-metre (325 ft), 104-metre (341 ft) and 88-metre (289 ft) long respectively. Three family-oriented attractions exist on the ground level detached from the three slide towers. Two of these are themed children's areas while the third is a wave pool. Nickelodeon's Pipeline Plunge is a Nickelodeon themed children's area with four flume slides and water activities. The attraction is a WhiteWater West Aqua Play Area. The area has played host to two Slime Fest events which included several live shows, a dunking chair and "Australia's biggest sliming" where 1,000 litres (220 imp gal; 260 US gal) of slime was dumped on park guests. To create this sliming, the park coloured the water in the Nickelodeon Pipeline Plunge giant tipping bucket green twice daily. The mass sliming returned in the 2010/2011 summer holidays as part of the Summer Funomenon. Wiggle Bay is a Wiggles themed toddler area featuring water play activities and four water slides. The four slides at the back of the area are manufactured by ProSlide while the Aqua Play features are manufactured by Whitewater West. The Cave of Waves is a themed 2,685-square-metre (28,900 sq ft) wave pool which can conjure up waves ranging up to 1.5 metres (4.9 ft) high. Built by Murphy's Waves of Scotland, the pool has a constant temperature of 26 degrees Celsius. The Get Wet Surf School makes use of the pool for its lessons outside of normal park operating hours.


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