White Cave House

The client asked Takuro Yamamoto Architects for a simple building with several outdoor spaces, so the Tokyo-based firm inserted holes into the monolithic structure to create a courtyard and covered parking space on the ground floor, as well as the first floor terrace.

"The connection of voids – we call it Cave – is the theme of this house," explain the architects, adding that the different voids "serve multiple purposes in order to make up for the space limitations."

The house's exterior appears as a plain white volume, with one surface interrupted by an aperture that creates the parking space and a covered entrance passage to protect the owners from the winter snowfall.

This void continues around a corner, where it becomes a secluded courtyard visible from the open plan kitchen and living space through full-height windows.

Views of the "cave" change throughout the day depending on the angle of the sun, and the architects added the shallow pool on the terrace "because we thought water is inseparable from white caves."

The interconnected outdoor spaces also provide a route for snow to be cleared if it starts to build up in winter.

Takuro Yamamoto Architects previously designed a house in Kashiwa, Japan, around an angled central courtyard that divides the surrounding space into smaller rooms.


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