White and black house

The main drivers for the planning of this house were the steepness and smallness of the site at 313m2 and the directly related town planning building restrictions.  After numerous attempts of making a design fit within the building envelope a new approach was required: model the planning envelope first, fit each room to suit and massage the aesthetics. Louvre sun shades in lieu of wide soffits and the curved office roof were chosen to fit within the planning rules. A very tight fit but one that works well.


The two storey polished black Architectural Masonry wall in the front entry provides a strong, solid mass to contrast the lightness of the glass and white walls. Swamp kauri was also used for the upper living level giving the house a heritage,  right from the start.



The design brief for this project was for a 3 storey home with living and outdoor entertaining spaces at the uppermost to take in the superb sea and harbour views. A cedar and plaster finish was requested. Privacy and noise from the street was also an issue. The client also wanted to utilise some 1000 year old kauri timber that had been excavated from a swamp on his farm. Cost needed to be kept under £900/m2 with consideration for the owner also being the builder.



In resolving the brief particular care was given to the street elevation as it faces out onto a very busy intersection. Privacy louvres to the en-suite evoke a wavy nautical theme whilst the double height space to the entry creates drama. Sunshield louvres provide privacy to the entry foyer at the upper level. Noise control was managed with Hush glass. The swamp kauri along with steel and glass has been formed into beautifully crafted with frameless glass dividing the flights extending 3.9m. The upper living and deck have been built over the bedrooms to give access to the stunning views.


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