Wheel of Sheffield

The Wheel of Sheffield was a 60 metres (197 ft) tall transportable Ferris wheel installation on Fargate, by the Town Hall, in Sheffield, England.

It was opened on 20 July 2009, and was intended to remain until January 2010. However, planning permission was sought for a further year of operation, and permission was granted for it to remain until January 2011. This date has however been brought forward to October 2010, when WTA planned to dismantle the wheel and relocate it to Hyde Park, London. The Wheel of Sheffield closed for good on 31 October 2010, and it had been completely dismantled by 20 November 2010.

It had 42 passenger cars, each with an 8 person capacity, and was operated by World Tourist Attractions. One revolution on the wheel took around 13 minutes. It also featured a commentary pointing out local landmarks and places of interest.


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