Westminster Chapel
Westminster Chapel is an evangelical church that has been based in central London since 1840. Situated in Buckingham Gate, just 200 yards (180 m) from Buckingham Palace and just off Victoria Street, the chapel has long been a popular place of worship for Evangelical Christians. The current building, seating around 1500, was opened on 6 July 1865. The church was founded by Congregationalists, and was pastored by the late Dr D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones from 1939 to 1968. During the Lloyd-Jones pastorate, the church resigned from the Congregational Union and became instead a member of the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches. Subsequently, the church was pastored by Bible teacher RT Kendall (1977 ”“ 2002), and currently Greg Haslam is minister, having previously been the pastor of Winchester Family Church, a Newfrontiers church.

The Chapel's own website summarises the origins: "In 1840 the area where Westminster Chapel now stands was relatively undeveloped. Since that time the area has improved considerably and historic attractions such as Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey bring millions of tourists to the area each year." Prior to the arrival of Greg Haslam in 2002, Westminster Chapel had four particularly well-known pastors: the Rev'd Samuel Martin (1842”“1878), Dr G. Campbell Morgan (1904”“1917 and 1933”“1943), Dr D Martyn Lloyd-Jones (1939”“1968) and Dr RT Kendall (1977”“2002).

The church is evangelical in its beliefs. Services incorporate a time of worship, including opportunities for prophecies, and a sermon, biblical in its manner and usually preached by the senior pastor Greg Haslam. Westminster Chapel aims to be a prophetic voice to London, the UK and the nations. It recently issued a " Mission, Vision, Values" brochure, stating that the church would be Spirit-led, prophetic, and be increasingly mission-minded. The church aims to be a family and open to all who may want to visit. Sunday services are at 11am and 4pm, and a student group 20:20 Vision runs on Wednesdays from 7pm.

  • ( 1842-1878) Rev'd Samuel Martin BA (helped by Mr Simon for the last two years of his pastorate)
  • ( 1876-1887) Rev'd Henry Simon
  • ( 1887-1894) No settled ministry
  • ( 1894-1895) Rev'd W Evans Hurndall MA
  • ( 1896-1902) Rev'd Richard Westrope
  • ( 1902-1904) No settled ministry
  • ( 1904-1917) Rev'd Dr G Campbell Morgan DD
  • ( 1904-1907) Rev'd Albert Swift (co-pastor with Dr Campbell Morgan)
  • ( 1918-1922) Rev'd Dr J H Jowett CH MA DD
  • ( 1923-1925) Rev'd Dr John Hutton MA DD
  • ( 1926-1927) No settled ministry
  • ( 1928-1933) Rev'd Dr Hubert Simpson MA DD
  • ( 1933-1943) Rev'd Dr G Campbell Morgan DD (Associate Minister for one year with Dr Simpson)
  • ( 1939-1968) Rev'd Dr D Martyn Lloyd-Jones MD MRCP (Associate Minister with Dr Morgan until August 1943)
  • ( 1969-1974) Rev'd J Glyn Owen BA BD DD
  • ( 1974-1976) No settled ministry
  • ( 1977-2002) Rev'd Dr R T Kendall AB MA MDiv D Phil (Oxon)
  • ( 2002- ) Rev'd Greg Haslam