Westfield Woden
Westfield Woden (until recently known as Woden Plaza) is a large shopping centre located in the Woden Town Centre in the suburb of Phillip of Canberra, Australian Capital Territory. Initially constructed in stages during the 1970s, it underwent a major redevelopment in the late 1990s, adding on a new wing to the building called "The Market" as well as a new Hoyts 8-screen cinema complex, and refurbishment of older sections. The Westfield Group purchased a 50% stake in the complex during 2005, with the remaining 50% still belonging to General Property Trust. Prior to Westfield taking over, the complex was managed by Lend Lease on behalf of General Property Trust, and branded as Woden Plaza and for a short time Woden Shopping Square.

Westfield Woden started out as a relatively small shopping mall and evolved into the substantial mall it is today through a series of expansions. Initially it consisted of Palm Court, which was a two storey rectangular shaped area with an open court in the middle. A few offices and a small restaurant occupied a third level with a balcony overlooking the central court. This court still exists and is the one closest to the bus interchange. The major tenants were David Jones, a three storey department store and Woolworths supermarket. It was named Palm Court as it had a number of palm trees growing surrounded by a cascading water feature. Amongst the palm trees was a staircase well that allowed access to three levels including access to a future fourth level that did not eventuate. Escalators were attached on the northern side of the second storey floor and the up and down escalators were spaced ten metres or so apart. The next phase of expansion was the construction of Clock Court; this was another rectangular court of about the same size as Palm Court and located to the south of the first and at an angle of ninety degrees. It was named Clock Court as it had a large clock suspended from the ceiling in the corner of the court. Major tenants were Big W and Owl supermarket. Owl was later replaced by JB Youngs, a Canberra based variety store. The next expansion was the addition of Farmers Market, a fresh produce market with a number of prominent grocers from nearby Fyshwick markets selling fruit and vegetables. At the same time a bridge with shops on the bridge was constructed to connect the mall to nearby Bonner House. Areas within Bonner House were converted from office blocks to shopping areas. A licensed tavern began operation in the basement of Bonner House, the tavern was later converted to a gymnasium. A large electrical and furniture retail store, Norman Ross, was built above Farmers Market. It later changed its name to Harvey Norman. The fresh produce area of the mall was not very successful, the addition was out of character with the rest of the mall probably due to the incorrect floor height compared to the rest of the mall. Eventually the area was completely redeveloped into an eatery area with only one of the original grocers remaining. JB Youngs was converted into a new alleyway with small shops on either side. The next phase of development involved moving Woolworths from Palm Court to a new area to the west of Clock Court. This new area also saw the addition of a Coles supermarket and underground car parking. The remaining grocer in the market relocated to this new area as well. The front entrance to Big W was relocated to allow for the expansion and Big W also took the opportunity to expand itself. An 8 cinema Hoyts complex was constructed behind Big W attached to the redeveloped eatery. Palm Court was redeveloped with the water feature being replaced by a large painted metal diorama/statue of a farmer working the ground with a trowel. This was later moved to the entrance of the under-storey car park below the supermarkets, the staircase in Palm Court was demolished and the escalators relocated to the present position now connected to the eastern side of the rectangle and angled as 45 degrees. The open areas of Clock Court and Palm Court were reduced in size to allow for coffee shops on the second storey.

Among the 250 stores, the major tenants include
  • Woolworths
  • Coles
  • David Jones
  • Big W
  • Harvey Norman
  • Dick Smith Electronics Powerhouse
  • JB Hi-Fi
  • Hoyts, with 8 cinemas
  • McDonald's
  • The Coffee Club
  • Hungry Jack's