Wellesbourne Watermill

Wellesbourne Watermill is a fine historic flour mill in Warwickshire, England, rebuilt in 1834 on a domesday site. It ran commercially until 1958 latterly by a belt drive from a tractor, the wheel last being used in the 1910s. the internal wheel is breastshot and is unusual in that it carries 3 sets of clasp arms found the timber axle. It measures 17 feet diameter and 6 feet wide. An 8 foot iron pit wheel is driven off the wheel axle and meshes with an iron wallower of 3 foot two. The spur measures 7 foot four and drives two stone nuts of 18 inch diameter. The mill office door carries a date 1785 which formerly belonged to a post mill which stood in the adjacent field. The mill house is considerably older than the present mill building. The watermill was originally restored by the Hamilton family (predominantly Sir Andrew Hamilton, with millwright David Nicholls and the Chiltern Partnership), and is still owned by Walton Estate but not currently open.

The mill house is now a private dwelling.