Weekend House on Lake Superior

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Weekend House on Lake Superior
The house is designed to allow the owner to have a quiet weekend away.  A small studio building, separated from the main house by an open deck, provides a separate focused work environment.  The house accommodates six adults, with the studio working as the third bedroom.  The house works for long family weekends or weekend parties for golf, skiing, hiking, and kayaking or just relaxing. 

The site has 240' of Lake Superior shoreline, with about 4 wooded acres of primarily birch and spruce.  The site has been left in its original condition.  The house sits back 40' from the lake, yet offers expansive water views.  The house is a bit "stealthy" in the way the black boxes slip into the winter landscape of black tree trunks and almost disappear in the green foliage of summer.

The house provides a serene connection to a beautiful, rugged landscape. The presence of the landscape accompanies every activity in the house, a bit like camping, only comfortable.


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