Waterwheelgate - sustainable and multifunctional platform. MiniDesignAward winner 2008 Project By: Giacomo Sanna,Alessandra Scardaoni The project stems from the idea of creating a sustainable system of floating on the rivers included in an urban environment that, through the exploitation of water, produces self-powered energy to the multiple functions it can accommodate. The water is valued as a natural resource to interact with recovering the direct relationship between city and water and between man and water. Waterwheelgate represents the gateway to the iconic to the platform through a large mill set in motion by the same river currents. This is redrawn as a water wheel, minimal, inspired by the suggestions of the automotive technologies of the concept car that uses water as an aesthetic experience and promote clean energy, fun and educational for the public on stimulating the involvement of 'water and sustainability The project arose from the desire to create a space, instead of an object. We tried to leave behind the traditional concept of design, allowing all our knowledge in the areas of architecture, technology and the environment to flow into our creation of a multifunctional and sustainable platform, which functions absolutely independently and in a self-sustaining manner. The kinetic energy of the flow of the river turns the wheel, and the energy is converted to electrical energy. This emphasizes the value of water as a natural source of energy, and the fact that water can produce ‘clean' energy. The hydro-electrical energy is there to supply the functions of a multifunctional platform. These might include a fun park, or an exhibition space. You can go there, and perhaps charge your mobile phone or mp3 player. There is an electricity meter in the middle, which counts how much energy is produced. So there is a didactic dimension connected to the fun... Aside from the form aspects, we designed this platform to re-connect people with the river. Too often, the water flows without really playing a role in the life of the people. Through the interaction with Waterwheelgate, people gain awareness of the importance of water.


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