Waterfront Shopping
WATERFRONT SHOPPING The development of the Tuborg area is in progress. The old harbour basin has been converted into a modern harbour for leisure craft and has been extended with a new canal that connects the harbour basin with Strandvejen. The Local Plan for the town area was prepared by VLA. The new town area now has a maritime image with canals, harbour installations, a sailing club and views over Øresund. In the vicinity, VLA has also designed Hellerup’s new shopping centre Waterfront Shopping for Carlsberg Properties and Braaten+ Pedersen. The building that accommodates the retail trade, cafés and businesses, plays on the contrast between the organic and the stringent. THE ARCHITECTURE To ensure a visual and open coherence between the town and the water, the building’s ground floor plan is designed as a series of free-formed transparent glass volumes that house boutiques and cafés. The space between these volumes creates a varied inner arcade with respectively changing views of the town and water. Boutiques and cafés are positioned to front the inner arcade which is located under a high skylight that ensures a bright, open and inviting atmosphere for the Waterfront Shopping guests. Entry can be via the Waterfront Shopping parking basement that is designed with a central foyer area. Through its form and décor, the foyer establishes a spatial cohesion with the arcade with its soft organic shapes that create a distinctive identity. The upper floor of the building that accommodates boutiques, cafés, a fitness centre and offices is, by contrast to the organic ground floor plan, designed as a regular geometric form that is positioned as a box over the ground floor plan’s open structure. With its regular form, the box ensures harmony with the architecture of the surrounding area. At the same time, Waterfront Shopping clearly demonstrates an independent architectural identity due to the distinctive facade form. `Waterfront Shopping will become a very important part of life and the harbour environment in Hellerup. It has therefore been important for us that the architecture does not only become an internal experience, but that we also open up to the surroundings and invite presence and living activity both within the arcade and outside along the water. One must be able tofilter in and out of the building and experience the harbour environment as part of the shopping experience.` Thomas West Jensen, architect maa VIVACIOUS FACADE In general, the architectural ambition behind the facade design for the Waterfront Shopping Centre, is envisaged to ensure a lively expression of the facade throughout the building’s total length of approximately 150 meters. By employing pattern, depth and colour, the facade appears varied and lively in interplay with the light. A deep effect occurs in the facade that, depending on the observer’s position in relation to the building and the daylight intensity and direction, creates varied expressions of the facade’s colour, plane and rhythm. The form of the perforation pattern is based on a pixel picture of water. When seen over a lager surface, this picture will be recreated in abstract form on the facade. The choice of colour for the facade resulted in green from a desire that the facade should be able to blend harmoniously with the surroundings, which is characterised by many preservation worthy buildings, where a few are dressed in copper. Furthermore, green is that colour that one associates with the old brewery site – Tuborg Harbour. With Waterfront Shopping’s offer of boutiques, cafés and offices combined with a bright and varied internal and external architecture; an open and welcoming building with a unique location, has been created.


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